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Mediterranean, Italy
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(The Aeneid) 1. In the manner of Homer, the story proper begins in media res, with the Trojan fleet in the eastern ---, heading in the direction of ---.
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Mediterranean, Italy
(The Aeneid) 1. In the manner of Homer, the story proper begins in media res, with the Trojan fleet in the eastern ---, heading in the direction of ---.
Juno, Neptune
(The Aeneid) 2. --- stirs up a storm which is on the verge of sinking the fleet. --- takes notice: although he himself is no friend of the Trojans, he is infuriated by the goddess's intrusion into his domain, and stills the wind and calms the waters.
Africa, Dido
(The Aeneid) 3. The fleet takes shelter on the coast of ---, where Aeneas gains the favor of ---, queen of Carthage.
(The Aeneid) 4. Carthage (a city which has only recently been founded by refugees from --- and which will later become Rome's greatest enemy.)
(The Aeneid) 5. At a banquet given in the honor of the Trojans, --- recounts the evens which occasioned the Trojans' fortuitous arrival.
Ascanius, Anchises
(The Aeneid) 6. Aeneas begins the tale shortly after the events described in the Iliad, and tells of the end and aftermath of the Trojan War, and his escape with his son --- and his father ---.
(The Aeneid) 7. Aeneas's wife, --- was separated from the others and killed in the aftermath of the Trojan War. She was later turned into a minor goddess.
Crete, Ausonia
(The Aeneid) 8. Aeneas tells of how, rallying the other survivors, he built a fleet of ships and made a landfall at various locations in the Mediterranean (including Thrace, --- and Epirus), before being divinely advised to seek out the land of Italy (also known as --- or Hesperia).
(The Aeneid) 9. Aeneas recounts how the fleet reached as far as --- and was making for the mainland, when Juno raised the storm which drove them to Carthage.
Sychaeus, Pygmalion
(The Aeneid) 10. During the banquet, Dido realizes that she has fallen madly in love with Aeneas, although she had previously sworn fidelity to the soul of her late husband, ---, who was murdered by her cupidinous brother ---.
Venus, Italy
(The Aeneid) 11. Juno seizes upon this opportunity to make a deal with ---, Aeneas's mother, with the intention of distracting him from his destiny of founding a city in ---.
(The Aeneid) 12. Aeneas is inclined to return Dido's love, and during a hunting expedition, a storm drives them into a cave in which Aeneas and Dido presumably sleep together, an event which --- takes to indicate a marriage between them.
(The Aeneid) 13. But when Jupiter sends --- to remind him (Aeneas) of his duty, he has no choice but to part.
(The Aeneid) 14. Her heart broken, Dido commits suicide by stabbing herself upon a --- with a sword.
avenging, Hannibal
(The Aeneid) 15. Before dying, Dido predicts eternal strife between Aeneas's people and hers; "rise up from my bones, --- spirit" is an obvious invocation to ---.
(The Aeneid) 16. Since --- was hastily interred on Sicily during the fleet's previous landfall there, the Trojans return to the island to hold funeral games in his honor.
(The Aeneid) 17. Eventually, the fleet lands on the mainland of Italy. Aeneas descends to the underworld through an opening at ---, where he speaks with the spirit of his father and has a prophetic vision of Rome.
Latium, Lavinia
(The Aeneid) 18. Returning to the land of the living, Aeneas leads the Trojans to settle in the land of ---, where he courts ---, the daughter of king Latinus.
Turnus, Rutuli
(The Aeneid) 19. A war ensues between the Trojans and some of the indigenous peoples of Italy, which is brought to a close when Lavinia's rejected suitor ---, king of the ---, challenges Aeneas to a duel and is slain.
37, 10
Written in around -- BC, The Eclogues consists of -- with a rural setting.
The Eclogues are sometimes called 'The Bucolics' because they are in a --- setting.
(The Eclogues) Most of the individual poems are in form of conversations between characters with names such as 'Meliboeus', 'Menalcas,' and '---'.
(The Eclogues) Supposedly representing Virgil himself was a fellow named ---.

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