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House of Burgesses
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representative assembly of colonial Virginia formed in 1619
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House of Burgesses
representative assembly of colonial Virginia formed in 1619
Mayflower Compact
framework for self-government of the Plymouth Colony signed on the ship the Mayflower in 1620
eighteenth-century movement during which European philosophers believed that society's problems could be solved by reason and science
Great Awakening
religious movement in the English colonies during the 1730s and 1740s, which was heavily inspired by evangelical preachers
Magna Carta
English document from 1215 that limited the power of the king and provided basic rights for citizens
English Bill of Rights
document signed in 1689 that guaranteed the rights of English citizens
Thomas Jefferson
the nation's third president, served from 1801-1809, Democratic Republican party
George Washington
the nation's first president, served from 1789-1797, no political party
Bill of Rights
first ten amendments to the Constitution, written list of freedoms guaranteed to citizens by the government
Shay's Rebellion
farmers' rebellion led by Daniel Shays against higher taxes in Massachusetts
James Madison
the nation's fourth president, served from 1809-1817, Democratic Republican party
official approval
political system in which power is shared between the national government and state governments
Separation of Powers
principle that divides power among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government
Checks and Balances
system in which each branch of the government has the power to monitor and limit the actions of the others
Alien Act
1798 law that allowed the government to imprison or deport aliens and made it more difficult to become a citizen
Sedition Act
1798 law that allowed the government to arrest anyone that publicly discredited federal officials
Judicial Review
power of the Supreme Court to decide whether the acts of a president or laws passed by Congress are constitutional
Louisiana Purchase
1803 purchase from France by the United States of the territory between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains
policy of seizing people or property for military or public service
official ban or restriction on trade
cotton gin
machine invented in 1793 to separate the cotton fiber from its hard shell
Monroe Doctrine
foreign policy doctrine set forth by president Monroe in 1823 that discouraged European intervention in the Western hemisphere

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