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Teddy Roosevelt's promise to the people of the nation was a?
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Square Deal
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Teddy Roosevelt's promise to the people of the nation was a?
Square Deal
What was the square deal by Roosevelt?
The three C's: conservation of natural resources, control of corporations, and consumer production
How did Roosevelt view presidential power in terms of the Constitution?
Roosevelts views presidential powers as doing whatever he wants if the constitution doesn't prohibit it.
Roosevelt is sometimes referred as the ?
Trust Buster
Why is Roosevelt sometimes referred as the "Trust Buster"
for his enforcement of the Sherman Antitrust Act. Although, he dew a distinction between "Good and "Bad"
Some laws were passed that regulated the food industry and enhanced what?
The interstate Commerce Act and Department of Commerce
In the 1904 election Roosevelt won by a landslide receiving?
58 percent of the vote
Roosevelt continued his Progressive Era reforms through the passage of consumer protection laws including the?
Help Burn Act
what was the Help Burn Act?
regulated the sale and labeling of food and drugs.
What was The Meat Inspection Act (1906)
provided inspectors to ensure meat packing plants follow the minimum standards.
Further reforms included the strengthening of the Interstate Commerce Commission through the passage of?
Pure Food and Drug Act
What is the Pure Food and Drug Act?
broadened the scope of the ICC and set maximum rate for railroads.
What is the Elkins Act?
prohibited railroads from granting rebates to favored customers.
Roosevelt is a strong supporter of Conversation Initiatives. During his administration, what was passed that set aside money sales of Semiarid public lands for the construction and maintenance of irrigation projects?
Newland's Reclamation Act
What is the Forest Reserve Act of 1891?
This set 150 million acres of federal land to be used a national reserve.

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