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immobilation has effects on which systems
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cardac, respiratory, pulmonary, musculoskeletal
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immobilation has effects on which systems
cardac, respiratory, pulmonary, musculoskeletal
one week of immobiliztion requires how many weeks to restore previous function
two or three weeks to restore privous function after how many weeks of immobilization
immobilztion effects of soft tissue
ground substance is reduced, fiber meshwork contracts, collagen fibers bind to other structures, ligaments shorten, ligaments reduce strength and mass
immobilization effects on articular cartilage
decreased proteoglycan concentration, less matrix organization, increase fibrous tissue within the joint that becomes scar tissue
effects of immobilization on joints
reduced physiologic motion of joints, decrease sensory input, articular cartilage erosion, joint stiffnes related tosynovial membrane adherences
effects of immobilization on bone
decreased bone strength because of decreased weight bearing, forces acting on bone, movment and thus circulation and nutrition
goal of therapy with fracture
minimize the effects of immobilzation but immobilize the fraactures site so healing can occur
effects of immobilization on muscle
atrophy, muscles lose sarcomeres in series whcih contributes to the decreased ability for the muscle to elongate
effects of immobilization on cardiac system
decreased blood volume, decreased stroke volume, increase heart rate

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