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Jarvis Lorry
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elderly businessman who works for Tellson's Bank
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Jarvis Lorry
elderly businessman who works for Tellson's Bank
Lucie Manette
young, compassionate French woman with "golden" hair
Dr. Manette
brilliant physician, unjustly imprisoned by French aristocracy, served 18 years in the Bastille, became a shoe cobbler
Monsieur Defarge
a wine-shop owner, intelligent and committed revolutionary leader in the Saint Antoine section of Paris
Madame Defarge
cruel revolutionary with an intense hatred for the aristocracy; knits a register of everyone who must die for the revolutionary cause
Jerry Cruncher
an odd-job-man for Tellson's Bank; uneducated, short tempered, superstitious, and gruff
Sydney Carton
looks like Charles Darnay; alcoholic, lawyer, has a deep love for Lucie
Miss Pross
Lucie's friend and servent
any revolutionary
Roger Cly
spy; supposed to be dead
Sydney Carton's employer; attorney
estate groundskeeper; asks Charles to come to France
Parisian Governor; "Let them eat grass!'
John Barsad
English spy, aka Solomon Pross
Marquis St. Evremonde
Darnay's uncle
The Vengeance
Madame Defarge's lieutenant
Charles Darnay
husband to Lucie, renounces his family name of Evremonde
famous prison where Dr. Manette spent 18 years
Tellson's Bank
societal relic, employer of Jarvis Lorry and Jerry Cruncher

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