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How the text is set on the page, the overall look of the page
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How the text is set on the page, the overall look of the page
Used to draw attention to a particular part of the page, symbolise emotion, represent themes, or be used in contrast to highlight contrasting idea in the text
Different font styles/sizes can be used to draw attention or emphasise words, can be used in reverse type
Bold lines
Lines can frame an image to draw the viewer's attention to it, also are used to give inages definition
Can represent ideas that are relevant to the story
Dominant image
Represents key idea(s) in the story and grabs a viewer's attention. Not just a recount of the plot, should be quite clear
Various elements in the image can be contrasted wiht each other visually to create an effect and draw attention. (Eg - reverse type)
Use of white space
Blank spaces where nothing is printed, helps yo highlight graphics abf illustrations, throwing them into relief and creatung visual intrest to convey a vivid message
Can frame the whole static image or just parts of it, can be used to draw attention to all or part of the image, can contain symbols or images that hel reinforce the message of the static image

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