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Ascending Fiber System
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Sensory Pathways; Transmits to the Brain
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Ascending Fiber System
Sensory Pathways; Transmits to the Brain
Dorsal Columns/Medial Lemniscal Tracts
Proprioception, Vibration, Tactile Discrimination.
Fasciculus Cuneatus
A division of the Dorsal Columns System specifically dealing with the UPPER EXTREMITY
Fasciculus Gracilis
A division of the Dorsal Columns System specifically dealing with the LOWER EXTREMITY
Spinothalamic Tracts
Pain, Temperature, & Crude Touch
Spinocerebellar Tracts
Controls Fine Motor, Balance, & Tone (Golgi Tendons)-Ascending Tracts
Spinoreticular Tracts
Chronic Pain-Ascending Tracts
Descending Fiber System
Motor Pathways; Transmits from the Brain to the Periphery
Corticospinal Tracts
Motor; Important for Voluntary Motor Control; Motor Cortex
Vestibulospinal Tracts
Controls Fine Motor, Balance (Postural Reflexes), & Tone-Descending Tracts
Rubrospinal Tracts
Assists in Motor Function
Reticulospinal Tracts
Chronic Pain-Descending Tracts
Tectospinal Tracts
Assists in Head Turning Responses in Response to Visual Stimuli
Anterior Spinothalamic Tracts
Dull Aching Pain
Lateral Spinothalamic Tracts
Discriminative Fast Pain

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