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2 or more people who have a common goal and share ways of thinking and behaving
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2 or more people who have a common goal and share ways of thinking and behaving
social catagory
an example of this would be high school seniors
social aggegate
people who are sharing a similiar experience
primary group
people who are emotionally close, know one another well, and seek on another's company
primary relationships
meaningful interactions that are fulfilling
secondary group
people who share only part of the lives while focusing on a goal or task
secondary relationships
impersonal interaction involving limited parts of personalities
reference group
group used for self-evaluation and the formation of attitudes, values, beliefs, and norms
exclusive group demanding intense loyalty
group targeted by and in-group for oppossition, antagonism, or competion
social network
a web of social relationships that join a person to other people and groups
individuals combine their efforts to reach a goal
social exchange
a voluntary action performed in the expectation of getting a reward in return
opposite of social exchange
adapting a behavior so that it matches its surroundings
group think
belieifs that are created through group pressure
interaction aimed at defeating an opponent
formal orginization
a group that has one or more long term goals that has been delibrately made
a formal organization based on rationality and efficiency
the ability to manipulate the behavior of others
socially approved power that is legitimate
mind set that concentrates on knowledge, reason, and planning
Informal organization
a group within a formal organization where personal relationships dictate the dynamics
iron law of oligarchy
power is concentrated within a few members of any organization

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