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social structure
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underlying relationship patterns in a group
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social structure
underlying relationship patterns in a group
postion a person occupies within a social structure
ascribed status
a position neither chosen nor earned but assigned
achieved staus
a postion that is earned or chosen
status set
multiple statuses individuals hold at any one time
master status
a particular status that influences all other statuses
expected behavior from a particular status
a behavior that is expected
a behavior that individuals are expected to perform towards others
role performance
actual behavior of an individual in a role
social interaction
process of influencing each other as seople relate
role strain
condition when indidual has difficulty meeting all roles
role conflict
condition when one role interferes with another role in another status
people living within a specified area within common culture
hunting and gathering society
a group that survives by hunting animals and gathering plants
horticultural society
a society that survives primarily through the growing of plants
pastoral society
a society where food is made by raising and taking care of animals
agricultural society
a society that uses plows and draft animals in growing food
industrial society
a society that depends on science and technology to produce stuff
animal and human power out - machines in
the moving of population from farms to cities
society based on kinship, tradition, and intimate social relationships
industrial society based on weak family ties, competition, andless personal social relationships
social solidarity
the degree to which a society is unified
mechanical solidarity
a type of social unity achieved by people doing the same type of work and holding the same kind of values
organic solidarity
social unity is achieved through interdependent, complex social statuses
postindustrial society
a society which the economic emphasis on providing services and information

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