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a research method where a questionaire is used
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a research method where a questionaire is used
a group of people with a set of characteristics
a limited set of people drawn from a larger population
represnetative sample
an accurate reflection of a population
a written set of questions
a survey mehtod where a trained researchers asks the questions and records the answers
closed ended questions
limiting the options for answers
open ended questions
answering the question in your own words
secondary analysis
using precollected data for another research purpose
field research
qualitative research explaining a setting
case study
looking at a group, incident, or community insensely and then generalizing it to a broader community
participant observation
becoming part of the researched group
events occur because of the anticedents
multiple causation
belief that an event occurs because of several factors working in combination
a characteristic that can change
quantitative variable
a trait that can be measured using numbers
qualitiative variable
a characteristic that is defined by its presence or absense in a catagory
independent variable
a set, measureable characteristic that causes an event to occur
dependent variable
a characteristic that shows a change
intervening variable
a variable that changes the relationship between the IV and the DV
a measure of the relationship between two variables
spurrious correlation
a relationship between two variable that is actually caused by a 3rd factor
scientific method
a systematic way of explaining the world in seven steps
a testable statement

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