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social science
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disciple that studies human social behavior in a scientific way
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social science
disciple that studies human social behavior in a scientific way
political science
study of the organization and operation of government
study of the choices people make in an effort to satisfy their needs and wants
study of behaviors and thinking of organisms
study of human society and social behaviors
study of past events
study of past cultures and present simple cultures
Auguste Comte
founder of sociology
Herbert Spencer
influenced by Darwin
Karl Marx
believed that the economy influences social structure, introduced conflict theory
Emile Durkheim
1st sociologist to apply the systematic methods of science to the study of society
Max Weber
introduced Verstehen and the concept of ideal type
Sociology perspective
a viewing of the behavior of groups in a systematic way
sociological imagination
the ability to see the connection between the larger world and your personal life
sociological phenomena
observable facts/events that involve human society
functionalist theory
theoretical perspective that views society as a set of interrelated parts that work together to produce a stable social system
conflict theory
theroretical perspective that focuses on forces that promote competition and change
symbolic interation theory
theoretical perspective that emphasizes the use of symbols
refers to looking behind the facade of everyday life
social psychology
study of how an individual's behavior and personality are affect by the social environment
systematic explanation of relationship among phenomena
emphathetic understanding of the meanings others attach to their actions
positive consequence an element has for the stability of society
negative consequence an element has for the stability of society
social structure
network of interrelated statuses and roles that guides human interaction
social institutions
system of statuses, roles, values an dnorms that is organized to satisfy society's needs
social change
alterations in various aspects of a society over time
social interaction
how people relate to one another and influence each other's behaviors
social darwinism
perspective that holds that societies evolve towards stability and perfection

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