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the exhange of information through the use of words or actions
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the exhange of information through the use of words or actions
verbal communication
expressing feelings, thoughts, or experiences with words, either by speaking or writing
passive communication
unable or unwilling to express thoughts and feelings
assertive communication
standing up for oneself while considering the rights of others
agressive communication
bullying and intimidating others
nonverbal communication
getting messages across without using words
body language
uses postures, gestures, and facial expressions to send messages
the sense of what to do or say to avoid offending others
a disagreement between people with opposing viewpoints, interests, or needs
a negative and unjustly formed opinion
the process of talking directly to the other person to resolve a conflict
when both sides in a conflict agree to give up something to reach a solution that will satisfy everyone
work together - both sides have their needs met
resolving conflicts by using another person or persons to help reach a solution that is acceptable to both sides
a promise not to take sides
a relationship with someone you know, trust, and regard with affection
someone you see occasionally or know casually
when both sides in a conflict agree to give up something in order to reach a solution that satisfies everyone
people close to you in age who are a lot like you
peer pressure
the influence that your peer group has on you
assertive response
a response that declares your position strongly and confidently
mental and emotional disorders
illnesses that affect a person's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
anxiety disorder
extreme fears of real or imaginary situations that get in the way of normal activities
mood disorder
a mental and emotional problem in which a person undergoes mood swings that seem extreme, inappropriate, or last a long time
panic disorder
people experience intense feelings of fear for a short time
an exaggerated or inappropriate fear of something specific, such as tunnels, spiders, or public places
obsessive-compulsive disorder
an anxiety disorder characterized by unwanted thoughts that may not make sense, may feel that he or she has must perform a certain activity several times
post-traumatic stress disorder
an anxiety disorder characterized by bad memories in reaction to events such as a war, accident, or natural disaster
an incurable mental and emotional illness characterized by paranoia and hallucinations
mood disorder involving feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness, guilt, and extreme sadness that continues for periods of weeks
bipolar disorder
a mood disorder that involves extreme mood swings for no apparent reason
places to get information, supoort, and advice
a suggestion to seek help or information from another person or place
an attack on another person in order to hurt him or her
a negative and unjustly formed opinion of a particular group
the body's response to real or imagined dangers or other life events
stress that results in a negative reaction - this can result in feelings of anger, disappointment, and frustration
This is the "good" type of stress (opposite of Distress) and refers to the optimal amount of stress, which helps promote health and growth. Many times stressful events push us to perform to higher levels and excel....this is eustress.
sources of stress
fight-or-flight response
the body's way of responding to threats
a hormone that increases the level of sugar in the blood, giving your body extra energy
extreme tiredness

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