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slightly moveable joint
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slightly moveable joint
the shaft of a long bone
endochondral classification
method of bone formation in which cartilage is replacced
epiphyseal plate
the cartilaginous plate between the epiphysis and diaphysis of a bone. responsible for growth lengthwise of a long bone
the end of a long bone
bone forming cell
cell that destroys or resorbs tissue
mature bone cell
structural unit of bone, aka haversain system
an immovable joint:plural,synarthroses
functions of the skeletal system
storage- stores calcium phosphate which is necessary for metobolic processes also helps to maintain blood calcium levels
blood cell formation
known as hematopoiesis-occurs in the red marrow of the bonered marrow
red marrow
located in most bones of an infant, and spongy bone of adults
yellow marrow
replaces redmarrow as you age and is used to store fat
2 types of bone tissue
compact and spongy, the difference is the density in the tissue
in compact bone
the osteons are packed closely together
spongy bone
less dense than compact bone- irregular cavities that contain red bone marrow
long bones
are longer than they are wide
short bones
are roughly cube shaped
flat bones
inner and outer tables of compact bone with a dipole of spongy bone in the middle
irregular bone
are primarly spongy bone with a thin layer of compact bone ex. vertebrae
end of long bone
shaft of the long bone
medullary canal
center of long bone filled yellow marrow
yellow marrow
stores fat and makes leukocytes
red marrow
found in the ends of bones, makes red blood cells
lines marrow cavity
lining the covers outside of bone, necessary for bone repair
spongy bone
a type of soft bone within the bone itself
compact bone
calcified spongy bone
articular cartilige
covers epiphysis, acts as a shoch absorber between 2 bones at a joint
bone cells that deposits new bone
bone cells which secrete enzymes to break down bone
bone growth
the length of the bone grows until all the epiphyseal cartilge is ossified females 18yrs and males 21yrs
80 bones the skull, vertebrae, ribs, and sternum
appendicular skeleton
126 bones appendages and their attachments to the axial skeleton

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