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protect the eye from sweat
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protect the eye from sweat
protects the eyes from foreign objects
thin, transparent mucous membrane covering the inner surface of the eyelids and anterior surface of the eye
lacrimal apparatus
consists of a lacrimal gland
lacrimal gland
produces tears
lacrimal canaliculi
small ducts that collect excess tears
lacrimal sac
enlargement of the nasolacrimal duct
nasolacrimal duct
opens to the nasal cavity; where tears flow through
layers of the eyes (name)
fibrous tunic
consists of the sclera and cornea
vascular tunic
consists of the choroid,ciliary body and iris
nervous tunic
consists of the retina
firm white outer connective tissue
transparent part of the eye which permits light to enter the eye (fibrous layer)
thin structure consisting of a vascular network and many melamin-containing pigment cells
ciliary body
contain ciliary muscles which attach to the perimeter of the eye
pigmented retina
keeps light from reflecting back into the eye
sensory retina
contains photoreceptor cells
made up of opsin and retinal; is responsible for the impulses sent into the brain
macula lutea
small yellow spot center of the posterior retina
fova centralis
center of the macula lutea
optic disc
where a number of blood vessels enter the eye and spread over the retina
anterior (and posterior) chamber(s)
located between the cornea and the lens
aqueous humor
helps maintain the pressure in the eye (near the anterior chamber)
vitreous humor
maintains pressure in the eye and holds lens and retina in place
optic radiation
project the to the visual cortex in the occipital lobe of the brain
visual field
image seen by the eyes

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