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lungs and air passage
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the respiratory system consist of ?
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lungs and air passage
the respiratory system consist of ?
taking in oxygen and removing carbon dixoide
the repiratory system is responisible for
4-6 mintues
how much of a supply of oxyen does the body have
nostrils or nares
the nose has two opening what are they
a wall of cartilidge called the naseal spetum
what divides the nose
that isthe two hollow spaces of the nose
what is nasal cavities
tiny hairlike structure that filter inhaled air to trap dust and other particles
wht is cilia?
drain tears from teh eye into the nose to provide additional moisture for the air
what is nasolacrimal ducts
are cavities in the skull that surrondthe nasal area
what is sinsus
resonance for the voice
what do the sinus provide
pharynx or throat
what lies directly behind th nasal cavities
3 sections, nasopharynx(upper portion), oropharynx (middle section), larybgopharynx (bottom section)
how many sections is the pharynx divided into and what are they called
what lies between the pharynx and trachea
what has nine layers of cartilidge
thyroid cartilage which is the largest
what is commonly called the adams apple
vocal cords
the larynx contains two folds called
th eopening between the vocal cord is called
closes the opening into the larynx during swallowing
what does the epiglottis do
is atube extending from the larynx to the center of the chest
two bronchi
what does the trachea divide into
terminal bronchioles
what are the smallest bronchioles called
3 section, the superior, middle and the inferior
how many sections does the right lung have and what are they called
2, supperior and inferior
how many lobes or sections does the left lung have
each lung is enclosed in a membrane or sac called
2, external nd internal
how many stages of respiration
external respiration
what is the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the lungs and bloodstream
internal respieration
is the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen between the tissue cells and the bloodstream
a respiratory disorder usually caused by a sensitivity to an allergen
what is asthma
an inflammation of the bronchi and bronchial tubes
what is bronchitits
a term used to describe any chronic lung disease that results in obstruction of the airways
what is copd
is a noninfectious, chronic respiratory condition that occurs when the walls of teh aveoli deteriorate and lose their elasticity
what is emphysema
what is epistaxis
is a highly contagious viral infection of theupper respiratory system
what is influenza
isan inflammation of teh larynx and vocal cords
what is laryngitits
lung cancer
what is the leading cause of cancer death in both men and women
is an inflammation of the pleura or the membranes of the lungs
what is pleurisy
inflammation of the nasal mucus membrane, resulting in a runny nose
what is rhinitis
is an inflammation of teh mucus membrane lining the sinuses
what is sinusitis
is a condition which a person stops breathing while sleeping
what is sleep apnea
how many sleep apnea are there
is an infetious lung disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis
what is tb
is a inflammation of th mucus membrane lining th upper respiratory tract
what is a URI or common cold

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