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movement of gases in and out of the lungs
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movement of gases in and out of the lungs
exchange of gases
movement of blood for transport of gases
Nares Pharynx Larynx
parts of the Upper airway
Trachea bronchus bronchi
parts of the lower airway
protection humidification of air
functions of upper airway
how many ml of mucous a day does the goblet cell secrete?
total lung capacity
total amount the lungs can hold in
residual volume
air in the lungs after a forceful expiration
tidal volume
normal air we breathe
inspiratory reserve volume
maximum air that can be inhaled
expiratory reserve volume
max air that can be exhaled
vital capacity
tv + erv + irv
functional residual capacity
rv + erv
inspiratory capacity
irv + tv
medulla oblangata
primary center for breathing
pneumotaxic cneter
part of the pons responsible for rhythmic quality of breathing
apnueistic center
part of the pons responsible for deep, prolonged inspiration
years x (times) packs/day
how to compute for pack years
cheyne-stokes breathing
from very deep breathing to very shallow breathing, breathing pattern
hyperventilation; breathing pattern
shallow breaths interrupted with apnea; irregular irregularity; breathing pattern
long inhale short exhale; breathing pattern
increase fluid in lungs
reason for increased tatical fremitus
increase air in lungs
reason for decrease tactical fremitus
percussion sound made when there is a tumor in the lungs
percussion sound made when there is a tension pneumothorax
percussion sound made when there is a emphysema or pneumothorax
allergies to seafood , npo , atropine sulfate , side lying position , wait for gag reflex
nursing interventions for bronchogram and bronchoscopy
rusty sputum
sputum indicative of pnuemococcal pnuemonia
sputum indicative psudomonas infection
blood tinged sputum
sputum indicative PTB
(container with) ice
after abg (arterial blood gas) test place specimen in what?
waldermeyer's ring
name of the ring the tonsils form
alveolar sac
main unit of the lungs
pneumocyte 1
epithelial tissue reponsible for gas exchange
pneumocytes 2
epithelial tissue responsible for the surfactants
pneumocytes 3
epithelial tissue responsible for macrophage that kills bacteria in the lungs
semi fowlers , low oxygen , "no smoking" , cotton blankets , humidify oxygen , oral hygiene
things to remember in oxygen therapy
semi fowlers , sterile gloves , hyperventilate patient , suction on withdrawal , 5-10 seconds suction ,
things to remember in suctioning
verify doctors orders , cpt with upper lobes first , 10-15 min for each position , 60-90 min before meals
things to remember in chest physiotherapy

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