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a set of points equidistance from the center
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a set of points equidistance from the center
segment going from the center to any point of the circle
segment containing 2 points on the circle
a chord passing through the center of the circle
distance around the circle
arc of a circle
is the set of points between and including two point on the circle
Half of a circle, degree of measure of a emicircle is 180 degress
central angle of a circle
is an angle that has its vertix at the center of the circle, determines two arcs on a circle
minor arc of a circle
smaller of two arcs - measured in degrees
major arc of a circle
larger of two arcs - measured in degrees
inscribed angle of a circle
vertix is on a cirlec and whose sides are chords of the circle
intercepted arc of a circle
interior arc of an inscribed angle and whose endpoints are on the sides of the angle
secant to a circle
line going through a circle, is a line that contains a chord
tangent to a circle
line touching outside of circle, is a line in the plane of the circle that intersects the circle in only one point.
concentric circles
are circles that have the ame center
sector of circle
is region bounded by two radii and an arc of the circle
polygon inscribed in a circle
if each of its vertices lies on the circle, polygon inside circle
polygon is circumscribed about a circle
if each of its sides is tangent to the circle, circle inside polgyon
point of tangency
the point of contact
inscribed angle measure
is half the measure of intercepted arc
intercepted arc measure
is twice the measure of the inscribed angle measure
two intersected chords angles measure
each of the interior angles formed equals one-half the sum of its interrcepted arcs
two intersected cords segment length
one chord equals the product of the lengths of the segments

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