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What are the three different types of Pneumonia?
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Viral, Fungal, and Bacterial
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What are the three different types of Pneumonia?
Viral, Fungal, and Bacterial
What are the risk factors for Pneumonia?
smoking, poor chest expansion, COPD, heart disease, diabetes, allergies
Def. of Pneumonia
fluid and bacteria that covers alveolus which prevent gas exchange from taking place
Aspiration of Pneumonia
have patient cough, rails stay because fluid never goes away but rhonchi do
What are the stages of Pneumonia?
Congestion, Inflammation, and Resolution
What are the s/s of Pneumonia?
fever, inablility to perform ADL, shortness of breath
What does it mean if the productive cough is green?
What is plural effusion?
fluid collects outside the lung lining
What is empyema?
infection within the plural fluid
What does almost everyone get that is admitted into a healthcare facility?
What does a sputum sample of gram + mean?
staph or strep pneumonia
What does a sputum sample of gram - mean?
Fungal pneumonia
What do Arterial Blood Gases measure?
the PH and oxygen blood levels
What is a bronchoscopy?
with lighted scoped, look into patients lungs
What is the definitive diagnosis for Tb?
What is the #1 cause of death from infectious disease?
What is the #2 cause of death from infectious disease?
What is the incubation period for Tb
2- 10 weeks
How are the organisms transmitted?
airborne route
What is the cavitation level?
the lesions that develop from the macrophages eating bacteria
How much of a sputum sample do you need for Tb?
15 mL
What components does the upper airway consist of?
nose, pharynx, larynx, epiglottis
above clavicles
below clavicles
between scapulae
below scapulae
Bases of Lungs
lower most portions
What are the components of the lower airway?
trachea, right and left mainstream bronchi, segmental bronchi, terminal bronchioles
the mechanism of the body causing air to be taken in and out of the lungs
is the process of gas exchanges that takes place within the individual and the environment
What three phases is Respiration carried out in?
Mechanism of Breathing, Diffusion of gases, and Transport system
What are the Intrapulmonary Pressure Gradients?
changes in the size of the thoracic cavity produced by contraction and relaxation of the respiratory muscles
What are the age related changes in elderly?
chest wall becomes stiffer and harder to move, respiratory muscles weaken, lungs lose elastic recoil, and AP diameter increases

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