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choices you make
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choices you make
decision making
the process of making a choice or solving a problem
the beliefs that guide the way a person lives
choosing to take the right action
standards on which to base decisions
your aims, or what you hope to accomplish
long-term goal
a goal that you plan to reach over an extended period of time
short-term goal
a goal that you can achieve in a short length of time
refusal skills
ways to say NO effectively
practicing healthful behaviors
helps prevent injury, disease, and other health problems
communication skills
your relationship with others depends on this as well as it helps to prevent misunderstandings
accessing information
finding reliable resources
a combination of physical, mental/emotional, and social well-being
physical health
the condition of your body
mental and emotional health
the ability to handle the stresses and changes of everyday life in a reasonable way
mental health
your ability to solve problems and handle the daily events in your life
emotional health
your feelings and emotions
social health
describes how you relate to people at home, at school, and everywhere else in your world
a state of well-being or balanced health over a longer period of time
mind-body connection
how your emotions affect your physical and overall health and how your overall health affects your emotions
trustworthy or dependable
stress management
identifying sources of stress and learning how to handle them in ways that promote good mental/emotional health
conflict-resolution skills
having the ability to end a disagreement or keep it from becoming a larger conflict
analyzing influences
understanding what influences you will help you make responsible choices
goal setting
setting realistic goals is another step towards health and well-being

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