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Order of protective responses
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Downward and forward, then sideways, then backwards
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Order of protective responses
Downward and forward, then sideways, then backwards
Protective catch forward onset
4-6 months from sitting
Protective catch side onset
6-8 months
Protective catch backward appears around
9-11 months
After a stroke, and individual who has lost the protective response of the full arm might still catch sideways on his
If weight shifts to one side of the weight bearing surface, the response is
elongation of the weight bearing side and shortening or lateral flexion of the non-weight bearing side, This is an equilibrium reaction
In an Equilibrium reaction, the extremity response is
Abduction on the non-weight bearing side
Non-obligatory reflex means
the child can move in and out of the pattern to some extent
Contrast reflexes and automatic postural responses
Automatic postural responses are context and task specific whereas reflexes are stereotypical responses to a sensory stimulus
Righting reactions emerge prior to the emergence of
equilibrium and protective reactions
Righting reactions emerge during the first ...
6 mo of life
What sensory receptors elicit vertical head righting?
Visual, Vestibular
Two types of rotational righting
Body righting on the head, body righting on the body
The general movement pattern of Equilibrium Reactions
a counter movement of rotation away from the direction of displacement (arm abducts, leg toward the side of displacement extends, the leg on the upside flexes and abducts, the trunk will be convex on the side of the displacement with the opposite side concave)
Equilibrium reactions occur predictably only after..
you are able to maintain a position when placed
A movement performed automatically without conscious volition
A reaction of the whole body in response to a slow shift in the center of gravity outside the base of support
Postural or Equilibrium Reactions
A theory that places neural maturation on an equal plane with other structures and processes that interact to promote motor development
Dynamical Systems
A model that described the interaction between a person's body structures, abilities, participation in society, the environment, and personal constraints
Length of prenatal/gestational period
37-42 weeks from the first day of the mother's last menstrual period
Preterm birth is less than..
37 completed weeks PMA
Post Conceptual Age is
the days/weeks since fertilization, on average 2 weeks less than PMA
First trimester lasts from
last menstrual period to 12 weeks
Second trimester is from
13-26 weeks
3rd trimester is from
27 to 40 weeks
3 Prenatal stages:
Germinal, Embryonic, Fetal
Germinal period is from
Fertilization to 2 weeks (2-4 weeks PMA on average)
Zygote attaches to the uterine wall this many days after fertilization
7-10 days
In the second week of the germinal period...
the amniotic cavity forms, along with the bilaminar embryonic disc - endoderm and ectoderm
Most critical period in prenatal care is
the Embryonic period, from 2-8 weeks of fetus's age
An embryo age 16 days has this beginning to form
the third germinal layer (mesoderm) beginning to form
Brain formation starts...
at embryo day 19, (only 5 days after missed period)
At __ days, spinal cord and brain formed
Fetal period starts at
8 weeks after fertilization or 10 weeks PMA
Organogenetic or Epigenetic period is also the
Embryonic period
Heart Defects occur at
4-6 weeks
CNS/Neural tube defects occur when the embryo is between
2-4 weeks
Skeletal system defects occur between
5-8 weeks

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