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substance that stimulates the development of male characteristics, such as the hormones testosterone and androsterone
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substance that stimulates the development of male characteristics, such as the hormones testosterone and androsterone
corpus luteum cyst
a small endocrine structure that develops within a ruptured ovarian follicle and secrt=etes progesterone and estrogen
a malignant tumor that forms cysts
a benign adenoma containing cysts
dermoid tumor
benign tumor comprised of hair muscle and teeth and fat
a condition that occurs when functioning endometrial tissue invades other sites outside the uterus
the female hormone produced by the ovary
follicular cyst
benign cyst within the ovary that may occur and disappear on a cyclic basis
functional cyst
results from the normal function of the ovary
Meigs syndrome
bengin tumor of the ovary associated with ascites and pleural effusion
mucinous cystadenocarcinoma
malignant tumor of the ovary with multilocular cyst
mucinous cystadenoma
genign tumor of the ovary tath contains thin-walled multilocular cysts
ovarian carcinoma
malignant timor of the ovary taht may spread beyond the ovary and metastasize to other organs via the peritoneal channels
ovarian torsion
partial or complete rotation of the ovarian pedicle on its axis
paraovarian cyst
cystic structure taht lies adjacent to the ovary
polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
endocrine disorder associated with chronic anovulation
pulsatility index (PI)
peak-systolic velocity minus end-diastoilic velocity divided by the mean velocity
resistive index (RI)
peak-systolic velocity minus the enddiastolic velocity divided by the peak-systolic velocity
serous cystadenocarcinoma
most common type of ovarian carcinoma; may be bilateral with multilocular cysts
serous cystadenoma
second most common benign tumor of the ovary; unilocular or multilocular
sim[le ovarian cyst
smooth, well-defined cystic structure thaT IS FILLED COMPLETLY with fluid
surface epithelial-stromal tumors
gynecologic tumors that arise from the surface epithelium and cove r the ovary and the underlying stroma
theca-lutein cysts
multilocular cysts that occur in patients with hyperstimulation (hydatidiform mole and inferility patients)

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