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A stained bacterial smear
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compound light microscope
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A stained bacterial smear
compound light microscope
Unstained bacterial cells when the cells are small and no detail is needed
darkfield microscope
Unstained live tissue when it's desirable to see some intracellular detail
phase- contrast microscope
A sample that emits light when illuminated with ultraviolet light
fluorescence microscopy
Intracellular detail of a cell that is 1mm long
electron microscope
electron microscope
Why do basic dyes stain bacterial cells
colored positive ion in a basic dye is attracted to the negatively charged bacterial cells
Why don't acidic dyes stain bacterial cells
the dyes negative ions are repelled by the negatively charged bacterial surface so the stian colors the background instead
Why is a mordant used in the gram stain
to increase teh affinity of a stain for a biological specimen another is to coat a structure to make it thicker and easier to see after it is stained with a dye
What is the purpose of a counterstain in the acid-fast stain
a counterstain stains the colorless non-acid fast cells so that they are easily seen through a microscope
What is the purpose of a decolorizer in the Gram stain
removes the purple from the cells of some species but not from others
What is the purpose of a decolorizer in the endospore
to remove the malachite green from all of the cells parts except the endospores
What is the purpose of a decolorizer in the acid-fast stain
removes the color from non-acid-fast cells
In the endospore stain, safranin is the
In the gram stain, safranin is the
In the gram stain, ethyl alcohol is the
In the acid-fast stain, the carbol fuschin is the
In the endospore stain the malachite green is the
Simple Stain
highlight the entire microorganism so that cellular shapes and basic structures are visible
Differential Stain
bacteria are the gram stain and the acid-fast stain
Negative Stain
observing overall cell shapes, sizes and capsules
Flagella Stain
to demonstrate teh presence of flagella
Crystal Violet Gram + Cells
Crystal Violet Gram - Cells
Gram's Iodine Gram + Cells
Gram's Iodine Gram - Cells
Ethyl Alcohol Gram + Cells
Ethyl Alcohol Gram - Cells
Safranin Gram + Cells
Safranin Gram - Cells
Why isn't the Gram stain used on acid fast bacteria
teh acid-fast stain is specifically used to identify bacteria that possess a waxy lipid within the structure of their cell walls. Due to the presence of this lipid, water-based stains, such as the gram stain, so not work well on acid-fast organisms.
If you did gram stain acid fast bacteria, what would their gram reaction be
what is the gram reaction of non-acid fast bacteria
gram positive

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