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Autonomic nerves
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Parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves concerned with control of involuntary body functions
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Autonomic nerves
Parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves concerned with control of involuntary body functions
Cranial nerves
12 pairs of nerves
Epicranial aponeurosis which connects the bellies of the occipitofrontal muscles
Falttened part of either side of the arch of a vertebra
Tough, 3-layered membrane protecting the spinal cord and the brain; consists of the dura mater, arachnoid, and pia matter
Nucleus pulposus
Center cushioning of gelatinous mass lying within an intervertebral disc
Sella turcica
A concavity in superior surface of sphenoid bone for the pituitary gland
Thin-walled vascular channels that connect arteries and veins without the usual intervening capillaries; may give rise to intracerebral hemorrhage
Brain abscess
localized collection of pus in the intracranial region
Cerebrospinal fluid
Watery fluid protecting the brain and spinal cord
Prefix pertaining to the skull
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Painful disorder of the wrist and hand
Tumor or swelling that contains blood
Intracranial aneurysm
Localized abnormal dilation of a blood bessel in the skull
Meniere's disease
Disorder of the membranous labrynth of inner ear
Congenital hernia with the meninges protruding through an opening of the skull or spinal cord
Pituitary tumor
Benign or malignant tumor that presses on the optic chiasm and impairs vision and may cause symptoms of acromegaly
Cerebral angiography
X-rays are taken after injection of a contrastmedioum into the intracranial vessels; helps visualize aneurysms, tumors, or other vascular lesions
Ultrasonic waves are used to detect brain tumors, hematomas, swellin,g or abscesses
Lumbar puncture
Needle puncutre is mande into the suubarachnoid space, usually between the 3rd and 4th vertebrae, performed for various reasons
Air is injected through a lumbar puncture into the subararachnoid space; x-rays are taken to reveal the outline of the ventricular system and subarachnoid cisterns
Head rest
Used to securely position or fixate the skull during a cranial or cervical spine operation
Bur holes/trephination
Holes drilled though the skull in order to perfomr one or more of the following: Locate and drain a subdural hematoma,
Incision into the skull and removal of bone in order to treat craniosynostosis in infants
Repair of a skull defect resulting from a trauma, malformation, or a surgical procedure; involves covering the defect with some type of prosthetic material such as metal, methyl methacrylate, silicone rubber, or bone cartilage
Incision into cranium
Periosteal elevator
Periosteum is stripped from bone with a
Bur holes are enlarged with a
Moist cottonoid strips
After exposing the brain surface is protected with
Anterior cervical fusion
Excision of one or more herniated cervical intervertebral discs and the placement of bone grafts between the vertebrae to fuse them together
Anterior cervical laminectomy
Involves two operative sites
Type of incision used in an anterior cervical laminectomy
What artery is identified during an anterior cervical laminectomy
Iliac crest
Where the bone graft is taken from during an anterior cervical laminectomy
Pituitary rongeur
During an anterior cervical laminectomy, disc material is removed with a
Bone wax
During an anterior cervical laminectomy,N bleeding on the walls of the disc hole is NOT controlled with this
Neurorrhaphy (peripheral nerve repair)
Resoration of continuity of a nerve rof regeneration of axon fibers following injury
Carpal tunnel release
Decompression of the median nerve by removing part of the roof of the fibrous sheath of the transverse carpal ligament

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