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Measures wind speed and direction
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Measures wind speed and direction
Study the history and structure of the earth as it is recorded in rocks
Study earthquakes
Study the earth's atmosphere and monitor, study and forecast the weather
Study the earths internal heat such as active geysers and volcanoes
is a representation of the earth on a sphere
is a representation of the earth or part of the earth, usually on a flat surface
A disturbance in the earth's atmosphere that involves lightning and thunder
The movement of a liquid or gas in a spiral around a central axis
Funnel Cloud
The rapidly rotating cloud becomes visible as a funnel at the base of a thundercloud
A violent windstorm that spiral spirals around a rotating column of air (vortex) of intense low pressure and moves in a narrow path over the island
A massive, rotating storm that originates over tropical oceans and has sustained winds of more than 119 km per hour
This is the name for a hurricane when formed north of the equator in the western pacific ocean
This is the name given for a hurricane when formed in the Indian ocean or off the coast of austrailia
The center of a hurricane. Inside the eye: rising temperatures, low winds, no rainfall, low pressure, and a bright sky with a view of a middle and high clouds above
Eye Wall
A ring of spiraling clouds that whirl around the storm's center and extend upward to almost 15 km above sea level. Found adjacent to the eye
is the direct transfer of heat energy by electromagnetic waves
Greenhouse Gases
is water vapor and carbon dioxide that absorbs radiated energy from the earths surface
Greenhouse Effect
is when the radiated energy absorbed by greenhouse gases is re-radiated back to earth
The process by which heat energy transfers from one material to another through direct contact
Heat energy transfers as a result of the circulating motion of a fluid, usually a gas or liquid
is a form of energy that transfers because of a temperature difference
is a indication of the amount of heat energy in matter
Air Masses
bodies of air with nearly uniform conditions of temperature over humidity
Stable Air Mass
is when its temperature does not decrease with altitude. Tends to stay at surface of the earth
Unstable Air Mass
is when its temperature decreases rapidly with an increase in altitude
Latent Heat
is the heat required to change a substance from one state to another
when water vapor rises to high altitudes where the air is cold, it changes to liquid or ice. Releases tremendous amounts of latent heat into the atmosphere
in meteorology, it is the movement of heat through the air
in meteorology, it is the rising air pockets
the moving part of the convection current
Convection Currents
are the vertical movement of warm air upward and cool air downward due to the uneven heating of the earth's surfaces, and convection is an important mechanism of heat transfer
Sea Breeze
the flow of air from a body to the land
Land Breeze
the flow of air from the land to a body of water
Squall Line
several cells or thunderstorms in a row
Weather Front
when air masses of the different temperature and humidity meet
Atmospheric pressure
is the force that air exerts on everything on the earth
is a unit of pressure that describes a force over a given area
is an instrument that detects and measures pressure changes
Barometric pressure
term often used by scientist for atmospheric pressure
are visible masses of tiny droplets of water or ice crystals that have condensed around small particles in the atmosphere
Water vapor
individual molecules that are formed when the water molecules in oceans, lakes and rivers absorb heat energy from the sun until they have enough energy to break away from the liquid surface
a gas or liquid that moves in a definite direction
Surface currents
shallow ocean currents caused by winds blowing over the ocean
is when a deep, ocean currents can sometimes rise along coastal areas when winds blow the warm surface water aside

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