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Covalent Bonds
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A bond formes by sharing electrons between atoms
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Covalent Bonds
A bond formes by sharing electrons between atoms
A group of atoms held together by covalent bonds
Molecular Compound
A compound that consists of molecules rather tha ions
Coordinate Covalent Bond
The covalent bond that forms when both electron are donated by the same atom
Molecular Formula
A formula tha shows the number and kinds of atoms in one molecule of a compound
Structural Formula
A molecular representation that shows the connections among atoms by using lines to represent covalent bonds
Lewis Structure
A molecular representation that shows both the connections among the atoms and the locations of the lone-pair valence electrons
Condensed Structure
A molecular representation in which bonds are understood by the order in which they are written rather that specifically shown
Polar Covalent Bond
A bond i nwhich the electrons are attracted more strongly by one atom than by the other
The ability of an atom to attract electron in a covalent bond
Binary Compound
A compound formed by combination of two different elements
Organic Chemistry
The study of carbon compounds
Functional Group
An atom or group of atoms within a molecule that has a characteristic structure and chemical behavior
An organic compound that contains only carbon and Hydrogen
has only single bonds and contain no functional group
contains a carbon-carbon double bond functional group
contains a carbon-carbon triple-bond functional group
contains a six-membered ring of carbon atoms with three alternating double bonds
compound with the same molecular formula but different stuctures
Constitutional Isomer
compounds with the same molecular formula but different connections among their atoms
The specific three dimensional arrangement of atoms in a molecule
An atom or group of atoms attached to a parent compound
Alkyl Group
The part of an alkane that remains when a hydrogen atom removed
Methyl Group
The -CH3 alkyl group
Ethyl Group
The -CH2CH3 alkyl group
Propyl Group
The straight-chain alkyl group -CH2CH2CH3
Isopropyl Group
The branched-chain alkyl group -CH(CH3)2
A chemical reaction that produces a flame, usually because of burning with oxygen
A molecule whose carbon atoms bond to the maximum number of hydrogen atoms
A molecule that contains a carbon-carbon multiple bond, to which more hydrogen atom can be added
Cis-trans Isomer
Alkenes that have the same connections between atoms but differ in their three dimensional structure because of the way that groups attach to diffrent sides of the double bond
The phenomenon where the true structure of a molecule is an average among two or more conventional structures
A compound that has an -OH group bonded to a saturated, alkane-like carbon atom, R-OH
A compound that has an -OH group bonded directly to an aromatic, benzene-like ring, AR-OH
A compound that has an oxygen atom bonded to two organic groups, R-O-R
any compound that contains a carbonyl group C=O
Carbonyl Group
A functional group that has a carbon atom joined to an oxygen by a double bond
A compound that has a carbonyl group bonded to one carbon and one hydrogen, RCHO
A compound that has a carbonyl group bonded to two carbons of organic groups that can be the same or diffrent, R2C=O or RR'C=O
Carboxylic Acid
A compound that has a carbonyl group bonded to a carbon atom and an -OH group, RCOOH
A compound that has a carbonyl group boned to the carbon of an organic and an -OR group where R is another organic group, RCOOR or RCOOR
The reaction between an alcohol and a carboxylic acid yield and ester plus water
A compound that has on or more organic groups bonded to a nitrogen
The NH2 functional group
Heterocyclic Compound
A compound with a ring structure that contains within the ring some atom other than carbon, typically nitrogen
A compound that has a carbonyl group bonded to a carbon atom and to a nitrogen atom group, RCONR2

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