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Sprinkle, emersion, pour
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Three types of baptisms.
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Sprinkle, emersion, pour
Three types of baptisms.
Deacon and Elder
Two orders to the ministry of the AME Church.
Local and Itenerant
Two classifications of the ministers in the AME Church.
Offical Board of the church
All class leaders, exhorters, deaconess, stewards, trustees, stewardess, and presidents of organizations in station or circuit mission.
Steward Board
Responsible for spiritual functions and progress of the church and pastor.
Trustee Board
Responsible for physical operation and functions.
Chairman; Protem
Pastor is ____ of all Official Boards of church. May appoint_____.
Ordained Elders
Lord's Supper should be consencrated by ______ of AME Church.
Contains all that are necessary for man's salvation.
Word of the Father
Another biblical name for Jesus.
Human and Divine
Jesus is both ___ and ___ never to be separated.
Means God robed in human flesh. God becomes man.
Mission of AME Church
To minister to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional need of all people.
Elected or Appointed: Stewards
Elected or Appointed: Trustees
Elected or Appointed: Class Leaders
Non-established church
Group of churches
Established church, a facility equipped with special equipment and personnel for a particular purpose
1st Ordination
At what point can a AME minister be called Reverend?
Salvation. Flee from the world and Come to the Lord.
Added to church membership.
Christian Recorder
Oldest black newpaper in the United States.
Allen University, Daniel Payne College, Morris Brown
Three AME church sponsored colleges or Universities.
AME connectional or congregational?
"Left Without Certificate"
Non-resident member for 3 consecutive years. Join another denomination without notice. Persistantly neglect or absent in church.
Job, Ecclesiastes, Psalms, Songs of Solomon, Proverbs
Poetic books of the bible.
Absalom Jones (Darius Jennings & William White also significant)
Friend of Richarad Allen. One of earlier forerunners of AME. Help with establishment and growth.
Four "Horsemen" of AME Church
Richard Allen, Morris Brown, Henry McNeil Turner, Daniel A. Payne
Magazines/ Books published by AME Church
The Christian Recorder, The AME Church Review, The Secret Chambers, The Missionary Magazine, The Journal or Christian Education, The YPD Report Magazine

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