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Father of Medicine
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"Hippocrates"-he based his knowledge of A & P on observation. He wrote the standard of ethics called the "Oath of Hippocrates"
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Father of Medicine
"Hippocrates"-he based his knowledge of A & P on observation. He wrote the standard of ethics called the "Oath of Hippocrates"
used to slow down the heartbeat
used to control fever, relieves muscle spasms, and helps prevent malaria
Belladonna and Atropine
used to relieve muscle spasms, esp. GI pain
used for treating severe pain
Founder of Comparative Anatomy
Monks and Priest
provided custodial care for the sick people
Bubonic Plague
60 million people died, 3/4 of the population of Europe and Asia
Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci
used dissection in order to draw the human body more realistically
Ambroise Pare
a French Surgeon known as the Father of Modern Surgery
Gabriel Fallopius
identified the Fallopian Tubes in the female and described the tympanic membrane in the ear
William Harvey
described the circulation of bld to and from the heart
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
invented the microscope in 1666
Bartolomeo Eustachio
identified the Eustachian Tube leading from the ear to the throat
Gabriel Fahrenheit
created the first mercury thermometer in 1714
Joseph Priestly
discovered the element O2 in 1774
John Hunter
introduced tube feeding
Benjamin Franklin
invented bifocals for glasses
James Lind
prescribed lime juice containing Vit. C to prevent scurvy in 1795
French Barbers
acted as surgeons by extracting teeth, using leeches for tx, and giving enemas
James Blundell
first successful bld transfusion
Rene Laennaec
invented the stethoscope
Elizabeth Blackwell
first female MD in the U.S.
Florence Nightengale
founder of modern nursing
Louis Pasteur
proved micro-organisms caused dz, pasteurizing milk kills bacteria, and created a vaccine for rabies
Robert Koch
Father of Microbiology
Wilhelm Roentgen
discovered Roentgenograms (X-rays)
Almroth Wright
developed the vaccine for typhoid fever
Carl Landsteiner
classified the A B O bld groups
Frederick Banting & Charles Best
discovered and used insulin to tx diabetes
Sir Alexander Fleming
discovered PCN; used to treat gonorrhea
Dr. George Papanicolaou
developed the Pap test to detect cervical CA
Robert Jarvik
invented the first artificial heart in 1970
Jonas Salk
developed the polio vaccine using dead polio virus
Robert Jarvik
"Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them'

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