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dendrite, axon, and cell body with nucleus =
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dendrite, axon, and cell body with nucleus =
alzheimer disease
degenerative disorder of the brain involving shrinkage and death of neural tissue
alzheimer disease
beta amyloid plaques and tau tangles
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
aka Lou Gehrig's Disease
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
progressive disease - degeneration of upper and lower motor neurons and consequent atrophy of voluntary muscles
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
glutamate in the synapses
babinski sign
the great toe goes into extension rather than flexion when plantar surface of foot stimulated (ALS sign)
uncontrolled twithing (ALS sign)
multiple sclerosis
idiopathic disease that involves the destruction of myelin sheaths around both motor and sensory neurons in the CNS
multiple sclerosis
fatigue, eye pain, spasticity, tremors, progressive loss of vision, sensation, and motor control
lhermitte sign
test for MS - electrical sensation in spine when neck is flexed
peripheral neuropathy
damage to peripheral nerves, often as a result of some other underlying condition or exposure to pathogens or toxic substances
peripheral neuropathy
peripheral nerves damages through lack of circulation, chemical imbalance, trauma, or other factors
mononeuropathy affects _________ nerve at a time
polyneuropathy affects __________ nerve(s) at a time
peripheral neuropathy
may present as extreme burning or tingling - eventually numbness - gradually spreads proximally to trunk
movement disorder resulting in repetitive, predictable, but involuntary muscle contractions.
linked to problems with the basal ganglia
focal dystonia
affects only one area with involuntary contractions
leads to repetitive blinking and squinting of the eyes; it can be sever enough to cause functional blindness
segmental dystonia
affects two adjacent or nearby areas of the body
primary symptom is involuntary contractions of an area
geste antagoniste
dystonia patient repeatedly touching affected area is called
parkinson disease
degenerative disease of the substantia nigra cells in the brain - the producers of dopamine which aid balance, posture, and coordination
basal ganglia are structures in the brain that contribute to _____________ movement
black stuff
aka substantia nigra
parkinson disease
controlled movement is difficult, agonist and antogonist balance affected
parkinson disease
stooped, flexed, posture
difficulty initiating or sustaining movement (taking a long time to initiate walking)
festinating gait
chasing after the center of gravity
in Parkinson Disease a dopamine deficiency develops in the basal ganglia of the brain. A manmade precursor of dopamine called ________ can cross the blood/brain barrier.
rhythmic, involuntary muscle movement. primary disorder or symptom of other neurological disease.
resting tremor
type of tremor - occurs when the person is at rest but not during sleep
action tremor
type of tremor - occurs when the pt attempt to hold a limb against gravity
essential tremor
type of tremor - idiopathic chronic tremor that is not secondary to any other pathology
inflammation of the brain. usually brought on by viral infection
most cases of encephalitis are ______
could be complication with: herpes simplex, mumps, measles, herpes zoster, rabies
herpes zoster
aka shingles
herpes zoster
infection of sensory neurons with the same virus that causes chicken pox
herpes zoster
rash with extremely painful blisters unilaterally along the colonized dermatomes - trigeminal nerve, trunk, low back, and buttocks.
viral infection of the blood
an inflammation of the meninges and the cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord.
usually caused by bacterial or viral infection.
very high fever, rash, photophobia, headache, and stiff neck
communicable inflammatory disease - strictly contraindicating massage
CN _____ is especially at risk, and damage here can lead to permanent hearing loss or deafness
rapid onset of very high fever, chills, deep red or purple rash, extreme headache, irritability, aversion to bright light, and a stiff, rigid neck
hib vaccine
most effective prevention against childhood meningitis
viral infection, first of the intestines, traced to contaminated water
postpolio syndrome
later in life the pt has sudden onset of fatigue, achiness, weakness, breathing and sleeping difficulties
postpolio syndrome
confirmed by looking for a confirmed prior episode of paralytic polio
postpolio syndrome
treated with moist heat, physical therapy, and massage therapy
salk vaccine
polio vaccine
anxiety disorders
a group of mental disorders that have to do with exaggerated, irritational fears
cluster headache
type of headache that affects men more than women, usually happens at night, may cause facial swelling, and unilateral sweating
vascular headache is the activity of _______
migraines are caused by extreme ____
meniere disease
an idiopathic condition that affects the iner ear, leading to problems with vertigo, tinnitus, and hearing loss
sleep disorders
collection of problems including insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy, circadian rhythm disruption, and others that make it difficult to get enough sleep or to wake up feeling rested and refreshed
Vestibular Balance Disorder = dysfunction to Cranial Nerve ____
Vestibular Balance Disorder
leads to debilitating vertigo that may last a few seconds to hours

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