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parotid lymph node
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located under the cranial edge of the parotid gland
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parotid lymph node
located under the cranial edge of the parotid gland
where does the parotid lymph node drain?
drains the dorsal part of heat
what is the parotid lymph node palpable to?
dog and ox
located ventral to the angle of jaw
mandibular drainage
that part of the head not drained by the parotid gland to the medical retropharyngeal node
what are the mandiblar palpable to?
dog, ox, horse
superficial cervical lymph nodes
present in all species and palpable in the dog,ox, horse
where is the superficial cervical lymph nodes?
in front of shoulder joint under superficial neck muscle
present in all species and papable in dog
where is the axillary lymph node?
in the axilla
superficial popliteal in carnivores(palpable in dogs) and deep popletial in other species
superficial inguinal
present in all species, palpable in dogs, ruminants, and horse
masses of unencapsulated lymphoid tissue below mucous membranes
what do the tonisils do
protect the entrane to the larynx and esophagus from incoming pathogens
peyer's patches
diffuse accumulation of lymphatic tissue in the wall of the ileum
mediastinal lymphocenterrs
consist of the cranial mediastinal lymph nodes in all species. the carnivores lack the causdal mediastinal lymph nodes that are huge in the ruminants
mandibular,superficial cervical,popliteal
palpable lymphnodes in dog and cat, when other lymph nodes are palpable, they are enlarged

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