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Square Knot
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Used to join two ropes of equal thickness
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Square Knot
Used to join two ropes of equal thickness
Sheet Bend
Used to join two ropes of unequal thicknesses
Fisherman's Knot
Used for joining two fine lines
Called the king of knots because it will never slip or jam. Excellent for tying around people in rescues.
Figure Eight Knot
Used as a stopper knot
Double Half Hitch
Reliable and useful knot for attaching a rope to a pole or boat moorings
Clove Hitch
One of the most widely used knots. Because it passes around an object in one direction only, it puts very little strain on the rope fibers.
Overhand knot around the standing part. Not as satisfactory as the double half hitch because it may slide
Taut-line Hitch
Used when tying a tent guy line because you can tighten or loosen it by pushing the rope down on the standing part.
Timber Hitch
Important hitch for dragging a heavy object, like a log.

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