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Frye standard
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must be "generally accepted" by a meaningful segment of the associated scientific community and have a number of experts speak on the validity of the science.
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Frye standard
must be "generally accepted" by a meaningful segment of the associated scientific community and have a number of experts speak on the validity of the science.
Expert Witness
an individual whom the court determines to posses a particular skill or knowledge in a trade or profession that is not expected of the average layperson and will aid a court in determining the truth at trail.
Forensic Science
the application of science to law
Locard's Exchange Principle
When two objects come into contact with each other, a cross0transfer of materials occurs.
August Vollmer
created the first forensic lab in the states in 1923.
Sherlock Holmes
his fictional exploits excited the imagination of an emerging generation of forensic scientists and criminal investigators.
Alphonse Bertillon
in 1879 he was the first to devise a personal identification using a series of body mearsurements
Francis Henry Galtan
is responsible for developing the first statistical study proving the uniqueness of fingerprints, 1892
Dr. Leone Lattes
devised the first workable procedure for typing dried bloodstains in 1915 (italian scientist)
Army Colonel Calvin Goddard
through his efforts the comparison microscope became an indispensable tool of firearms examination
Albert S. Osborn
he is associated with the early efforts at applying scientific principles to document examination in 1910
Hans Gross
the austrian magistrate that advocated the application of science to criminal investigation in 1893
Edmond Locard
in 1910 he directed one of the first functional crime laboratories was formed in Lyons, France
Edmond Locard
first to advocate the concept of transfer of evidence(see locards principle)
Los Angeles Police Department
created the first forensic laboratory in the United States in 1923
the state that has an excellent example of a geographical area in the united states that has created a system of integrated regional and satellite laboratories.
Britian's Crime Laboratory
they are characterized by a national system of regional laboratories that contrast to the united states
DNA and Drugs
the increased demand for these analyses has been the single most imprtant factor in the recent expansion of crime laboratory services in the United States.
FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration, USPS, and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE)
The four most important federal agencies offering forensic services
Federal, County, State, and Municipal levels of government
A decentralized system of crime laboratories currently exists in the United States under the auspices of Various governmental agencies at
Physical Science
the application of chemistry, physics, and geology to the identification and comparison of crime scene evidence unit of a crime laboratory
the examination of blood, hairs, fibers, and botanical materials
the examination of bullets, cartridge cses, shotgun shells, and ammunition of all types
the examination of body fluids and organs for drugs and poisons
the unit that dispatches trianed personnel to the scene of a crime to retrieve evidence for laboratory examination.
Fry Vs. US
caused "general acceptancem which serves as a criterion for the judicial admissibility of scientific evidence
Daubert Vs Merell Dow PHarmaceuticals Inc.
the supreme court ruled that in assessing the admissibility of new and unique scientific test the trial judge did not have to rely solely on the concept of "general acceptance"
the us supreme court decision in the Kumho tire Co., ltd. V. Carmichael restricted the "gatekeeping" role of a trial judge only to scientific testimony
Coppolino VS. State
the florida case that exemplifies the flexibility and wide discretion that the trial judge has in matters of scientific inquiry
True deamanor
the expert witness courtroom demeanor may play an important role in deciding what weight the court will assign to his or her testimony
True opinion
the testimony of an expert witness incorportates his or her personal opinion relating to a matter he or she has either studied or examined

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