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studies the Earth's land, climate, plant and animal life
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studies the Earth's land, climate, plant and animal life
gases around earth
Earth's system of natural resources
all the waters of the Earth, as distinguished from the land and gases of the atmosphere
the outer part of earth
lines running parallel around Earth's surface
latitude (parallel)
lines running across Earth's surface
longitude (meridian)
a printed explanation of symbols and colors used on a map
legend (key)
shows true north
compass direction (compass rose)
depicts the configurations of the land:plains, valleys, hills and mountains
continuous lines connecting all points of equal elevation
contour lines
relationship between the length of a line on the map and the corresponding actual distance on the Earth's crust
the natural home or environment of an animal, plant, etc.
physical geography is the branch of geography dealing with natural features on Earth, cultural deals with human culture and it's impact on Earth
What is the difference between physical and cultural geography?
minutes, seconds
How can lines of latitude and longitude be further divided?
conformality, distance, area/Equivalence, direction
Explain the four features of a map that can be distorted
lines of latitude and longitude
What is distorted on a mercator projection?
it shows equal positions
What is the purpose of the Peters map projection?
shapes of places
areas represented on a map are proportional to their area on Earth
serves as a point by asking "where is it?"
what are longitude and latitude lines measured in?
the equator is at what degree location?
how many degrees of longitude?
how many degrees of latitude?
used for sailing
mercator projection
an equal area map that shows all areas
peters map
purposely makes various aspects of the map slightly distorted to produce an attractive world map
robinson projection
used to label the surface features
depicts the configuration of the land: plains, valleys, hills and mountains
the relationship between the length of a line on the map and the corresponding actual distance on the Earth's surface
give general info. about the climate and precipitation of a region
climate maps
feature the type of natural resources or economic activity that dominates an area
economic and resource maps
illustrate the physical features of an area, such as the mountains, rivers and lakes
Physical maps
do not show physical features. Instead, they indicate state and national boundaries and capital and major cities
political maps
location, place, movement, region and Human- Environment interaction (H.E.I)
5 themes of geography
absolute, relative
2 types of location
an area that is defined by everything in it
an area that is defined by certain similar characteristics
refers to the way people. products, and ideas move
depend, adapt, and modify
types of HEI

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