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a general term for the feelings and behaviors of human beings concerning sex
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a general term for the feelings and behaviors of human beings concerning sex
infection that is transmitted from one person to another through sexual contact. This used to be called sexually transmitted disease or venereal disease
a person who engages in the scientific study of sexual behavior. ________ can be scientists, researchers, or clinicians and can hold a variety of different graduate degrees.
any animal that walks on four legs
term used to refer to the penis as a symbol of power and aggression
homo sapiens
the technical name for the species to which all human beings belong
temple prostitutes
women in ancient culures who would have sex with wrshippers at pagan temples to provide money for the temple or as a form of woshipping the gods.
the act of having intercourse with an animal
sexual contact between adult men and usually postpubescent boys
the representation of same-sex love or desire
named after plato's description, a deep, loving friendship that is devoid of sexual contact or desire
yin and yang
according to a Chinese belief, the universe is run by the interaction f two fundamental principles: yin, which is neg., passive, weak, yielding, and female, and yang, which is positive, assertive, active, strong, and male
the idea that there is a cycle of birth, death, and rebirth and that deeds in one's life affect one's status in a future life
a society rued by the male as the figure of authority, symbolized by the father's absolute authority in the home
female infantcide
the killing of female infants; practiced in some countries that value males more than females
kama sutra
famour ancient Indian sex manual
the state of remaining unmarried; often used today to refer to abstaining from sex
the quality of being sexually pure, either through abstaining from intercourse or by adhering to strict rules of sexuality
cognitive dissonance
uncomfortable tension that comes from holding two conflicting thoughts at the same time
a Catholic practice of revealing one's sins to a priest
those who come to confess sins
historically, a woman who procures sexual partnes for men or one who taught men about lovemaking
the holybook Islam.
abbreviation of the Turkish word meaning "women's quarters" or "sanctuary"
castrated male, or less often, a man whith his penis removied, who guarded a harem. t times, children were also made eunuchs in childhood to sing soprano in church choirs
the practice of a lifestyle that rejects sensual pleasures such as drinking alcohol, eating rich food, or engaging in sex
refers to members of a 16th and 17th century Protestant group from England that wanted to purge the church of elaborate ceremonies and simlify worship. It has come to mean any person or group that is excessively strict in regard to sexual matters
an American practice of placing a wooden board or hanging sheets in the middle of the bed, or wrapping the body in tight clothes, to allow an unmarried couple to spend the night together without having sex
indentured servants
people who became servants to pay off debt and were often treated as little more than slaves
antimiscegenation laws
laws forbidding sexuality, marriage, or breeding among members of different races
free love movement
a movement of the early 19th century that preached love should be the factor that determines whether one should have sex
sexual revolution
changes in sexual morality and sexual behavior that occurred throughout the Western world during the 1960s and 1970s
women's suffrage
the movement to get women the right to vote

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