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Whats HOSA committed to?
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helping members become the best they can be
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Whats HOSA committed to?
helping members become the best they can be
When was HOSA founded?
What is HOSA?
HOSA is a Career and Technical Student Organization recognized by the United States Department of Education. It provides a one of a kind program that teaches leadership development, motivation, and recognition exclusively for secondary and post-secondary/collegiate students enrolled in Health Science Technology Education programs.
What is the purpose of HOSA?
The purpose of HOSA is to advance the education and welfare by assisting local chapters in the development and growth of HOSA; by furthering the development of respect for education in health related careers in order to contribute to occupational competence; by providing opportunities for well informed career choices among the way; by developing the leadership abilities of its members through a professional student organization program of motivation, awareness, competition and recognition; by encouraging the use of ethical standards in health occupations; by developing an understanding of current health care issues and an awareness of environmental concerns; by developing character, promoting responsible citizenship and fostering patriotism; and by encouraging mental and physical health through participation in beneficial social activities.
5. What are the organizational levels of HOSA?
local state national
What does HOSA provide?
leadership development and scholarship opportunities
Whats the only supply company?
Awards Unlimited
8. List three ways the HOSA curriculum can help students.
HOSAs curriculum can help students by helping you make realistic career goals, by building self esteem and by helping you communicate more effectively.
List the 6 states that voted to form the American Health Occupations Education Student Organization.
The six states that voted to form the American Health Occupations Education Student Organization is Alabama, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Texas.
Explain the HOSA mission.
HOSAs mission is to deliver kind, respectable health care workers by giving chances for intelligence, skill, and leadership development for all members. This helps HOSA students become great at what they will do.
What does the circle represent?
the continuity of health care
WHats the triangle represent?
3 aspects of well being- mantal physical and social
How about the hands?
kindness of all members
14. List three things from the HOSA creed that its members believe in.
HOSA members believe in the health care profession, in themselves and in education.
15. What are the HOSA colors and what do they represent?
navy-loyalty to profession maroon-kindness white-purity of purpose
HOSAs motto?
The Hands of HOSA Mold the Health of Tomorrow
HOSAs tagline?
health science and HOSA- a health partnership
18. List three things included on the HOSA website.
publications, Events, and HOSA Career Center
19. Summarize the official HOSA dress policy.
tailored navy blazer for every member with the emblem affixed over the heart. For female members, a white tailored shirt or blouse with an open or closed neck, but no lace, ruffles or full edged collars. For men, a white closed neck man-tailored dress shirt suitable for a tie. For ladies a maroon HOSA scarf or maroon neck accent is optional. For the male members, a solid navy or maroon tie must be worn. The HOSA member or advisor pin will be centered on the left lapel of the blazer. Navy or white slacks for males and non-denim slacks or skirts for females are appropriate. A navy, black or white shoe is required, but should be consistent. Tennis shoes are not permitted.
20. List the titles of the 5 categories of competitive events.
Health Occupations Related Events, Health Occupations Skills Events, Individual Leadership Events, Team Leadership Events and Recognition.
21. List the four events grouped in Category 1.
Medical/Dental Terminology, Medical/Dental Spelling, Medical Math, and Knowledge Tests
22. List the 12 events grouped in Category 2.
Administrative Medical Assisting, CPR/First Aid/EMT, Dental Assisting, First Aid/Rescue Breathing, Medical Assisting Clinical, Medical Laboratory Assisting, Nursing Assisting, Personal Care, Physical Therapy, Practical Nursing, Sports Medicine and Veterinary Assisting.
23. List the 7 events grouped in Category 3
Extemporaneous Health Poster, Extemporaneous Speaking, Extemporaneous Writing, Job Seeking/Interviewing Skills, Prepared Speaking/Speaking Skills, Researched Persuasive Speaking and Medical Photography
24. List the 8 events grouped in Category 4
Biomedical Debate, Career Health Display, Community Awareness, Creative Problem Solving, HOSA Bowl, Medical Reading, Parliamentary Procedure and Health Education
25. List the 8 events grouped in Category 5
Outstanding HOSA Chapter, Outstanding State Officer, National Recognition Program, National Health Care Issues Exam, National Service Project, Barbara James Service Award, Chapter Newsletter and HOSA Week.

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