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The Morning of America
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The varied and vibrant time period of America
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The Morning of America
The varied and vibrant time period of America
Scotch-Irish and German
The two largest groups of non-English settlers were..
Presbyterian Scots
The Scotch-Irish were actually..
Where were the Scotch-Irish from?
Great Philadelphia Wagon Road
The avenue through the wilderness to the Scotch-Irish and Germans was an old Iroquois Indian trail dubbed the..
Where did the Great Philadelphia Wagon Road begin?
Great Philadelphia Wagon Road
The chief access to backcountry settlements from Virginia to Georgia
Term meaning "German"
Most Germans were..
Rhineland Palatinate
Where did most Protestant Germans come from?
Pennsylvania Dutch
German immigrants that remained in Pennsylvania; A group from Germany, not the Netherlands
What term did Benjamin Franklin refer to the German immigrants?
In 1700 the population of the colonies stood at how much?
Smallpox and Diphtheria
What were the two epidemics that seriously reduced the New England population?
Colonial Style
The architecture style that residents in the colonies styled their houses after; The styles came from the architecture styles that the settlers had known in England
Williamsburg Style
Another term for Colonial Style
Roofed porch; A feature borrowed from the West Indies providing some protection from the hot southern sun
The material for house exteriors depended to a large degree upon what?
Land and People
In the backcountry, shelter reflected the roughness of what two things?
Log Cabin
Common home in the colonial backcountry
You are what you eat
What was the old adage which pertained to food?
What year did the Old Colony Club have a meeting in Plymouth Massachusetts and have a nine-course dinner?
A soup containing fowl, pork, and corned beef
Salt Pork, Corn Meal, Indian beans, Greens
The standard fare for most families on frontier dinner tables
Hard Cider and Brandy
Common beverages in the colonies
Apple or Peach Orchard
A source of both food and drink
Indian crop made popular worldwide
Irish Potato
What staple food, first discovered in Peru, went to Europe and came back to North America in the 1700s?
Cows, pigs, sheep, chickens
Farm animals transplanted to America
Psalms 136:25
Verse stating that the Lord "giveth food to all flesh: for his mercy endureth forever"
basic skills and the ability to read the Bible
The purpose behind the education in the 1700s was to provide
Educational Revolution
The Reformation not only created a spiritual revolution but triggered an..
Puritan Zeal
Produced a boom in education in the early 1660s
What was the first schoolhouse in America?
A child's first "book", was ominously shaped like a paddle; A paddle-shaped board faced with a card containing the alphabet and the Lord's Prayer and covered with a thing sheet of horn for durability
New England Primer
The standard text throughout the colonial period; Provided basic grammar and vocabulary accented with moral lessons, as well as a short catechism
Dame Schools
Schools generally taught by a widow or a village spinster
As late was what year did Virginia have 14 residents per square mile?
How many residents did Virginia have per square mile by 1860?
How many residents did Massachusetts have per square mile by 1860
Deveraux Jarratt
Born in poverty in colonial Virginia, recorded that the highest ambition of his parents "was to teach their children to read, write, and understand the fundamental rules of arithmetic"
In what year was the first public library established?
French Huguenot
Elder Louis Timothee was a..
Louis's younger brother
Who was the first to die in the Timothee family?
How did Louis's younger brother die?
1710, Fever
What year did elder Timothee die? How did he die?
Childbearing, 6 years
How did Charlotte Timothee die? How many years earlier than elder Timothee?
What was the cash crop in South Carolina?
Rice Farmer, South Carolina
What occupation was Louis Timothee? What colony did he reside in?
House Servant, Pennsylvania
What occupation was Debora Riedhauser? What colony did she reside in?
A single page of a book sold for a penny; Contained pictures and words of wisdom from Poor Richard's Almanac
Josiah Hastings
Who was Debora's master?
Dutch Oven
A three legged covered pot
Cornbread made from meal and sour milk
Linsey Woosley
A mixture of linen and wool
Wigmaker, Massachusetts
What occupation was Jeremy Shrimpton? What colony did he reside in?
Jeremy Shrimpton
Made a variety of wig styles to suit the tastes and incomes of his clients
Sunday Buckle
Common folks who wanted budget fashions could purchase a simple curled wig called what?
Campaign Wig
What was the name of the wig that was suitable for travel?
Wig in which the long back tresses were held in a dainty silk pouch
A wig which was a foppish array of bows and curls
Toppings for well-dressed colonial men
Barn Raisings, Corn Huskings, Quiltings
Three common social events on the frontier
Reverend Charles Woodmason
Reverend that complained in his journal, "No making of them sit still during Service-but they will be in and not forward and backward the whole time as Bees to and fro to their hives"
Poor Richard's Almanac
Almanac peppered with wit and morals that emphasized thrift, honesty, and diligence
Several Months Old
The news that came from London was usually how old?
Benjamin Franklin
Who wrote Poor Richard's Almanac?
1733 to 1758
From what years did Benjamin Franklin publish Poor Richard's Almanac?
Whoop and Hide
The name given to hide and seek during that time
Cork Jacket
What was the 1769 New York advertisement talking about when it said "it saved many from drowning"

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