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people of similar age who share similar interests
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people of similar age who share similar interests
a significant relationship between two people
healthy friendship
based on caring. respect, trust, and consideration
people with whom you share hobbies, interests, and other friends
platonic friendship
a friendship with a member of the opposite gender in which there is affection but the two people are not considered a couple
casual friendship
a relationship between peers who share something in common
close friends
have strong emotional ties and feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, experiences, and feelings
a small circle of friends usually with similar backgrounds or tastes, who exclude people viewed as outsiders
an exaggerated and oversimplified belief about an entire group of people, such as an ethnic or religious group or gender
peer pressure
the influence that people your age may have on you
persistently annoying others
an indirect, dishonest way to control or influence others
standing up for your rights in a firm but positive way
refusal skills
techniques and strategies that help you say noeffectively when faced with something that you don't want to do or that goes against your values
tendency to give up, give in, or back down without standing up for their own rights and needs
overly forceful, pushy, hostile, or otherwise attacking in their approach
exaggerated feelings of passion for another person
a feeling of fondness for someone
a set time at which you must be home at night
a deliberate decision to avoid high-risk behaviors, including sexual activity before marriage and the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs
sexually transmitted diseases
(STDs) infections spread from person to person through sexual contact
those goals, tasks, and activities that you judge to be more important than others
a person ability to use responsibility to override emotions
protective factors
behaviors you can practice to stay safe
body language
nonverbal communication through gestures, facial expressions, behaviors, and posture
any strategy for protecting oneself from harm
standing up for your rights and beliefs in firm but positive ways
the threatened or actual use of physical force or power to harm another person to damage property
the act of seeking power or attention through the psychological, emotional, or physical abuse of another person
sexual harassment
uninvited and unwelcome sexual conduct directed at another person
a group of people who associate with one another to take part in criminal activity
peer mediation
a process in which trained students help other students find fair ways to resolve conflict and settle their differences
a person who commits a violent act against another
an unlawful attack on a person with the intent to harm or kill
random violence
violence committed for no particular reason
the willful killing of one human being by another
sexual violence
any form of unwelcome sexual conduct directed at an individual, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape
sexual assault
any intentional sexual attack against another person
any form of sexual intercourse that takes place against a person's will
the physical, mental/emotional, or sexual mistreatment of one person by another
physical abuse
the intentional infliction of bodily harm or injury on another person
verbal abuse
using words to mistreat or injure another person
the repeated following, harassment, or threatening of an individual to frighten or cause him or her harm
date rape
when one person in a dating relationship forces the other person to participate in sexual intercourse

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