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essential qualities of health care worker
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care about others, have integrity, be dependable, work well with others, be flexible, be willing to learn, strive to be cost conscious
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essential qualities of health care worker
care about others, have integrity, be dependable, work well with others, be flexible, be willing to learn, strive to be cost conscious
why learn about health care careers?
gives you chance to learn about the requirements and conditions of your area of interest.
factors to consider
time to dedicate to your education, natural abilities, type of activities you enjoy, educational background, preferences for workplace environment and conditions
occupational categories
therapeutic and treatment, diagnostic, information, environmental
therapeutic and treatment
provides services that assist patients to regain or attain maximum wellness
dental occupations
treat the diseases and conditions of the teeth and soft tissues of the mouth
emergency medical occupations
provide quick response service to victims of medical emergencies
medical office occupations
treat patients who are seeking to maintain or improve their health
mental health occupations
provide care treatment, counseling, and activities for patients with mental, emotional and/or psychological problems
nursing occupations
promote health and provide care and treatment for patients with all types of problems
occupational therapy
helps individuals attain the highest level of self-sufficiency possible
pharmacy occupation
prepare and dispense medications to promote patient wellness and recovery
physical therapy
helps patients improve their physical functions by increasing strength, range of motion, and movement and decreasing pain
respiratory therapy occupations
evaluating, treating, and caring for patients with breathing disorders
surgical occupations
surgical procedures that vary from minor to extremely complex and from emergency to elective (cosmetic)
vision care occupations
perform important work to correct vision problems. identify and treat diseases of the eye, provide education and maintain eye health and make eyeglasses
diagnositc occupations
hepl determine causes of diseases and extent of injuries so that proper treatment can be planned
biometric oocupations
perform tests that measure the function of the heart, blood vessels, brain, and nerves
medical laboratory occupations
involves the collection and study of specimens from the body
radiology occupations
performs x-ray procedures
health information management occupation
gather, analyze, organize,store, and document patient information
registered health technician
related to the collection and organization of the patient data
environmental occupations
develop and maintain therapeutic environments necessary to support patient care
dietary services
planning and providing nutrious foods that are essential to the healing process
biomedical engineering
responsible for medical equipment
standards for health care workers
established the protect the public from potential harm
process of determining whether a person has met predetermined standards
placed on an official list or registry after meeting the educational and testing requirenebts for the profession
permission granted to legally perform certain acts

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