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adoption by reference
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a local jurisdiction's formal decision to follow state laws exactly as drawn
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adoption by reference
a local jurisdiction's formal decision to follow state laws exactly as drawn
the act of willfully and maliciously setting fire to a house, building, or other property
assembly (construction)
a particular construciton method that details specific types of materials, their specific manufacture or instaallation, and components
classic interface
area with homes and other structures, especially in small dense neighborhoods, pressed directly against the forest or wildlands
a body of law systematically arranged to define requirements pertaining to the safety of the general public from fie and other calamities
common hazard
hazard that is found among many occupancies or locations
community injury
any significant loss of property or monetary value, as well as physical injury or death
the use of passive (and in some cases active) protection features to prevent fire spread
method of resolving conflicts in which each side gives up something in order to reach an agreement
conceptual design
preliminary document that is not intended to be used for construction or permit approval
defending in place
protecting people or processes without significant relocation or evacuation
method of resolving conflicts in which one side is the victor and one side is the loser
electrical drawing
drawing that reflects the details of the building's electrical system
enabling act
method of adopting state regulations that allows the local jurisdiction to amend them based on local needs or preferences
running a service organization or a division of the organization so that it operates fully on a cost-recovery basis
fire protection drawing
drawing that indicates the systems and elements pertaining to a building's fire protection systems
grading (fire suppression rating schedule)
method of evaluating fire suppression capabilities and crediting them to individual property fire insurance rates
a condition or element that provides a source of ignition for a hostile fire or that contributes to the spread and severity of a hostile fire
hostile fire
any unwanted or destructive fire
incindiary fire
any fire that is set intentionally
personal injury, monetary impact, job loss, or aesthetic impact
method of resolfing conflicts in which a mutual solution is found and both sides achieve their goal to some degree with neither being wrong or bad
interface mix
rural area with structures scattered sparsely throughout
ladder fuels
fuels that are configured so that a ground fire can become a surface fire and a surface fire can become a crown fire
maintenance code
code that details how to properly safeguard the activities or operations in a building
mechanical drawing
drawing that indicates the elements of the building's mechanical systems, such as plumbing, heating, air conditioning, etc.
mission statement
a description of the purpose of an organization
to make less harsh or hostile or to make less serious or painful
the prevention or reduction of severity of an undesired event
occluded interface
isolated area of foressted land or wildlands surrounded by homes or other structures
paradigm shift
a change from old ways of thinking that opens the door for new insite, new methods, and different views
performance based code
code that allows designers to determine how best to meet an individual building's unique fire protection needs
legal document illustrating the legal description of a property as well as any legally binding easements
an irrevocable right to the limited use of another's land
preconstruction meeting
meeting during which the people involved in a building project review the conceptual designs
preincident planning
the process of identifying specific occupancies, buildings, or locations that will likely require special treatment or operations during an emergency
prescriptive code
code that lists specific design requirements, such as number of exits, fire separation, construction type, and fire supression systems
the transfer of functions or duties previously performed by a government entity to a private organization
public information
information provided to the general public so they remain informed about events, become better educated and/or prepared for various situations, and remain motivated in fire and burn injury prevention.

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