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spores, asci
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Phylum Ascomycota: Sac fungi produce sexual --- in saclike ---.
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spores, asci
Phylum Ascomycota: Sac fungi produce sexual --- in saclike ---.
Most sac fungi bear their sexual stages in macroscopic fruiting bodies, or ----.
The spore-forming asci are found in the ----.
asexually, wind
Ascomycetes reproduce ---- by producing enormous numbers of asexual spores, which are often dispersed by ----.
externally, conidiophores
(Ascomycetes) The asexual spores are produced ---- at the tips of specialized hyphae called ----, often in long chains or clusters.
(Ascomycetes) These spores are not formed inside sporangia, as in the Zygomycota. Such naked spores are called ----, from the Greek for 'dust.'
heterokaryotic, ascocarps
Compared to zygomycetes, ascomycetes are characterized by a more extensive ---- stage, which is associated with the formation of ----.
plasmogamy, ascogonium
(Ascomycetes) ---- between specialized regions of two parental hyphae produces a heterokaryotic bulge called the ----.
dikaryotic, asci
(Ascomycetes) The coenocytic ascogonium extends hyphae partitioned by septa into ---- cells, each with two haploid nuclei representing the two parental mycelia. It is the cells at the tips of these dikaryotic hyphae that develop into ----.
ascus, ascospores
(Ascomycetes) Within an ---, karyogamy combines the two parental genomes, and then meiosis forms four genetically varied ----.
asci, genetic recombination
(Ascomycetes) One mitotic division doubles the ascospore number to eight. In many ----, the eight ascospores are lined up in a row in the order in which they formed from a single zygotic nucleus. This arrangement provides geneticists with a unique opportunity to study --- ---.
crossing over, independent assortment
(Ascomycetes) Genetic differences between mycelia grown from ascospores taken from one ascus reflect --- --- and --- --- of chromosomes during meiosis.
ascogonium, antheridium
(Ascomycete Life Cycle) 1. Haploid mycelia of opposite mating types become intertwined and form an --- and an ---.
cytoplasmic, ascogonium
(Ascomycete Life Cycle) 2. A --- bridge forms, allowing plasmogamy (cytoplasmic fusion) to occur. The --- acts as a 'female,' receiving haploid nuclei from the 'male' antheridium.
(Ascomycete Life Cycle) 2b. The ascogonium then has a pool of --- from both parents, but karyogamy (fusion of nuclei) does not occur at this time.
dikaryotic hyphae
(Ascomycete Life Cycle) 3. The ascogonium gives rise to --- --- that are incorporated into an ascocarp, the cup of a cup fungus.
(Ascomycete Life Cycle) 4. The tips of the ascocarp's dikaryotic hyphae are partitioned into ---.
four haploid
(Ascomycete Life Cycle) 5. Karyogamy occurs within these asci, and the diploid nucleus divides by meiosis yielding --- --- nuclei.
eight, cell walls
(Ascomycete Life Cycle) 6. Each of these haploid nuclei divided once by mitosis, and the ascus now contains --- nuclei. --- --- develop around these nuclei to form ascospores.
neighboring asci, spores
(Ascomycete Life Cycle) 7. When mature, all ascospores in an ascus are dispersed at once out the end of the ascus. A collapsing ascus jars --- --- and causes them to release their ---. The chain reaction releases a visible cloud of spores with an audible hiss.
ascospores, haploid
(Ascomycete Life Cycle) 8. Germinating --- give rise to new --- mycelia.
(Ascomycete Life Cycle) 9. Ascomycetes can also reproduce asexually by producing airborne spores called ---.

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