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the state of being in good health
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the state of being in good health
quality of life
a person's satisfaction with his or her looks, lifestyle, and responses to daily events
premature death
death that occures due to lifestyle behaviors that lead to a fatal accident or the formation of and avoidable disease
optimum health
a state of wellness characterized by peak physical, mental, nad social well-being
physical health
the fitness of the body
mental health
the way a person feels about himself or herself, life, and the world
social health
the way a person gets along with other people
holistic medicine
an approach to health care that focuses on all aspects of patient care- physical, mental, and social
risk factor
a characteristic or behavior that influences a person's chance of being injured or getting a disease
environmental quality
the state of the physical world. including the conditon of water, air, and food
the indentification of a disease
all the foods and beverages a person consumes
peer presure
the influence peole in a person's age group and social group have on his or her behavior
the sum of the processes by which a person takes in and uses food substances
a basic component of food that nourishes the body
scientific method
the process researchers use to find answeres to their questions
a suggested answer to a scienctific question, which can be tested and verified
a principle that tries to explain something that happens in nature
life expectancy
the average length of life of people living in the same environment

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