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True or False. Biologic tissues can heal after receiving damage from x-radiation?
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True or False. Biologic tissues can heal after receiving damage from x-radiation?
True or false. Correct Placement of a premolar bitewing SHOULDNT include the distal of the canine.
What is the size range for intraoral dental film
Name all film holders
Bite blocks, xcp, and snap-a-ray
What kind of radiographs are taken using a cross-section technique
What is the term that is a restorative material that appears radiopaque on the roots of the molars
Gutta Percha
The most radiosensitive cells are what
Bone marrow cells
Where does the Incisive foramen appear?
It appears radiolucent at the midline of the palate behind/between the central incisiors
What are Cephalometric radiographs used for?
They are used to assess the patients skeletal profile
What is Trismus?
The inability of a patient to open very wide.
What is the nasal conchae?
It's a maxillary landmark that consist of bony scroll shaped plates in the nasal cavity
True or false. Electromagnetic and radiation are basically the same?
True or false? If a film has not been exposed to light or radiation it'll appear clear after processing?
What is MA?
This determine the amount of electrons used in a dental x-ray machine
What is R?
Short for Roentgen which is a unit of measurement that measures the amount of radiation that is in the air
What is Superimposition?
It's when one structure is lying over another structure
What forms the cheek?
The Malar bone and the zygomatic bone
What is the minimum distance an operator should stand during an x-ray exposure?
6 feet
True or false. Cells with a higher reproductive rate are considered to be radiosensitive?
What part of the tube head that helps reduce the x-ray exposure of a patientv
What does the fixer solution do?
Removes the unexposed undeveloped crystals from the film emulsion as well as stops the developing process
True or false. Scatter radiation is deflected from its path as it strikes matter. It presents the most serious danger for the operator.
What is the mandibular landmark that consist of spongy bone that surrounds the teeth and forms the mandibular
Trabecular patterns
What happens when radiation moved through tissue quickly?
The resulting radiographs will have greater quality
True or false? The coin test is the correct testing technique to use when detecting light leaks in the dark room
True or False Long wavelength are most desired in dental radiographs because of their low frequency energy and penetrating power.
False , short wavelength becauSe of high energy
Dentist must label, file and store patients x-ray properly
False Dental assistants must do that
Are Imaging systems such as a CT or a MRI are used frequently by dental processionals
What's the sequence process of solution in an automatic processor is ?
Developer, fixer, water
What is RAD?
Short for radiation absorbed dose , which is the amount of ionizing radiation absorbed in a substance
Can a periodontist request vertical bitewing radiographs
True or false. The national Council of radiation protection regulates the dose limitations of individuals who use ionizing radiation in their occupations
Where can the maxillary sinus be seen?'
On the right and left cavities above the spiciest of the maxillary teeth extending from canines to the molar area
True or false OSHA has hazardous waste guidelines when disposing of fixer solutions
What is CT Scanning?
An imaging system the computer uses to produce images in all dimensions and planes
What are the automatic processing temperatures?
82 to 95 degrees
By How much exposure should be reduced on a child under then 10?
What is Labial mounting
is placing the film with the raised side of the if dot facing the briefer when mounting
What are the two group of cells in the body
Somatic and the genetic
What does KVP stand for and what does it determine
Kilovoltage determine the penetrating power or quality of the X-ray
Can the somatic effects of radiation leave the individual in poor health and pass it on to the next generation?
It can leave one in poor health but can not pass it on.
What does milliamperage do?
Increases the amount of electrons inside the tube head
What does the Quality Assurance Program do?
Rountinely test equipment that affect X-ray quality to ensure high quality
True or false The developing solution used to automatic processing cannot be used for manual processing
To help with mounting , what does each radiograph have?
I.d dots or raised dot
True or false short wavelengths produce the least amount of scatter
The glenoid fossa is a depression on the lower border of the temporal bone where the what bone meets
Condyle bone
What does CT scanning used and what is it for
Used electromagnetic radiation to be able to look at the soft tissues of the TMJ
Can the extension arm on an X-ray unit can be utilized by the assistant to move the tube head into many positions to take radiographs
What is the Hamilur process
A slender projection of bone that lies posterior to the maxillary tuberosity
Bitewing radiographs capture what?
The crowns, interproximal spaces and crests of the bone
When does secondary radiation form
Primary X-rays strike the patient
True or false . Image quality is not an advantage of digital radiography
True or false. Floor of the maxillary sinus is a s superimposed radiopaque landmark found over the spices of the molars in the maxilla
True or false CT Scanning is an imaging system that ya used to plan implant surgery and to locate and define lesions in the oral cavity

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