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Art movement in Germany that reached its peak during the 1920s (literature, theater, architechture, visual arts)
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Art movement in Germany that reached its peak during the 1920s (literature, theater, architechture, visual arts)
Themes in Expressionism
Stories about madness and split personalities, a dark vision of callous human society, disilusionment and paranoia, and the films were moody and somber
Visual Style of Expressionism
Strange, asymmetrical camera angles, atmospheric lighting emphasizing shadows and silhouettes, and harsh contrasts between dark shadows and bright light
Germans to Hollywood (First Wave)
German directors and cinematographers recruited by American studios before rise of Nazis
Germans to Hollywood (Second Wave)
German filmakers were exiles fleeing Germany after the rise of Nazis
Fritz Lang
Part of second wave of Germans to Hollywood and at the forefront of bringing Expressionism to Hollywood (Directed M)
Film Noir Themes from Expressionism
paranoia, corruption, and the dissilusionment in a callous world
Film Noir Visual Style from Expressionism
harsh contrast betwen dark and light, emphasis on shadows and silhouettes, and strange, asymmetrical camera angles
Film Noir
Attitude of cynicism, darkness and despair in films (means black film and coined by French critics in the 1940s)
Serie Noire
Detective Novels that were popular in France
Hard Boiled Detective
Usually anti-hero in this genre, choosing between different levels of evil in times where nobody is really good
lfie is ultimately meaningless and absurd except for the meaning that each individual gives to his or her own life through choice and action
Film Noir to American History
The tramatic experience of war, fears of nuclear annihilation, soial anxiety around women entering the workforce
Femme fatale
deadly woman, irresistible seductruss who often brought about the downfall of the anti-hero
New Hollywood
Movement in 1960s into late 1970s which pushed back against official culture in the form of politics, aesthetics, and economics
Stylistic influence of French New Wave on new hollywood
Self-reflective of French New Wave and made indirect reference (allusions) to European art forms
Self-reflective elements in the Graduate
use of extended first person camera, unusual shots, sound overlaps, unorthodox editing
Bonnie and Clyde
screenwriters wrote script for Francois Truffaut to direct, he turned it down, considered the key film for the rise of New Hollywood
Movie Brats
first generation of film school educated directors working in hollywood, influenced by truffant, godard, federico fellini, ingmar bergman
Fred Camper
art and film critic who wrote about the problem of naming and defining avant grade cinema
Problematic names for Avant Grade
experimental, underground, independent, new american cinema
Campers test (part 1)
created by one person (or small group) on a minscule budget
Campers test (part 2)
filmaker is producer, scriptwriter, camera person, editor, sound recoreder, sound editor or performs at least half of those
Campers test (part 3)
film does not try to offer linear story
Campers test (part 4)
film makes use of materials of cinema in a way that calls attention to the medium of film itself
Campers test (part 5)
film is opposed to the style and values of mass media and mainstream culture
Campers test (part 6)
film does not offer a clear message
maya deren
dancer, choreographer, poet, photographer, pioneer of avant grade, started creative film foundation
meshes of the afternoon
derens first and most important film, emphasis on dreamlike quality, exploration of sexual identiy, resists specific interpretation, slow motion
influences on meshes
George Melies and gothic literature
Iranian coup d'etat
anglo-iranian oil company 1951 democratic election, 1953 replaced with tyrannical monarchy by cia
islamic revolution
in 1979 ayatollah ruhollah khomeini overthrow the shah and installed the islamic republic
ministry of culutre and islamic guidance
passed sensorship act in 1981 outlawed depecition of romantic relationships, physical contact between males and females, music and dance, (dress code for women)
impact of sensorship in iran
focused exterior scenes, focus on children
new iranian cinema
realism, blurring the boundaries between fiction and reatlity, focus on womens rights
tamineh milani
iranian filmaker jailed
abbas kiorastami
iranian filmaker films banned for 10 years
mohsen makhmalbaf
iranian filmaker target of two unsuccesful murder attempts

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