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major problem in families
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emotional fusion, lack of differentiation
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major problem in families
emotional fusion, lack of differentiation
major goal of therapy/ how is change created
differentiation. For individuals to see their role in how the system operates. increase ability to distinguish between thoughts and feelings. use this skill to direct life and solve problems
emotional fusion based on
anxious attachment
2 forms of emotional fusion
direct: excessive need for togetherness; (indirect) facade of independence
universal unit of analysis
rather than fix relationships Bowen encourages
neutral exploration of emotional processes
genogram, neutralizing triangles, process questions, coaching, I-positions, relationship experiments
removing oneself from the emotional field of 2 others
psychological separation of intellect and emotions. opposite of fusion
emotional cutoff
flight from unresolved emotional attachment
family life cycle
stages of family life from separation from parents to own marriage etc
blurring of psychological boundaries
family of origin
person's parents and siblings
schematic diagram of the family system
multigenerational transmission process
projection of immaturity onto children. the child with the most involved in the emotional process emerges with the lowest level of differentiation
process questions
questions that ask how members think about their own reactions to others
relationship experiment
suggestions for new ways to respond. less to solve problems than to see how things work
involving a third person to detour conflict
undifferentiated ego mass
chaos, being stuck, fusion
therapist stance
neutral objective coach
self reports, scale level of differentiation, degrees of cut-off, level of anxiety and reactivity, triangles, genogram

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