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The conflict is set up, and the background is provided.
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The conflict is set up, and the background is provided.
Rising Action
Events build toward the highpoint or climax
The turning point of the story
Falling Action
The events that follow the climax
The climax is resolved; final outcome is achieved.
Exposition 4 crash
Penn & Crash meet; Learn about Crash and Penn's names; Webbs are Quakers, vegetarian and live in a small house with no toys; Coogans-Hectic, both working parents, eat "fast food"
Rising Action for crash******
Meets Mike Delca; Jane rejects Crash; Scooter moves in; Crash breaks TD record; Penn and Abby stall the mall
Climax for Crash
Schooter has a stroke
Falling action for Crash
Penn leaves majic mud for Crash; Crash allows Penn to win race; Crash sticks up for Penn
Resolution for Crash
Crash goes to Jane's party; Crash and Penn are friends; Scooter is back home
Define what a round character is
A fully developed character whose many personalities are revealed...good and bad
Example of round characters in Crash
Crash, Penn, Abby Scooter
Define a flat character
A one sided character who is simply described
Example of a flat charater in Crash
Mike, Coogans, Jane, Webbs
Define what a Dynamic character is
A character who changes throughout the course of the story
Examples of a dynamic character in Crash
Crash, Abby, Mrs Coogan
Define what a Static character is
A character that does not change
Examples of a static character in Crash
Scooter, Penn, Jane, Mike
Define conflict in a story
Two opposing forces (not always a fight)
Define external conflict
a character struggles with an outside force
External conflickts involve...
person vs person; person vs nature; person vs society
Example of person vs person in Crash
Mike vs Crash; Crash vs Penn
Example of person vs nature in Crash
Scooter vs the stroke
Example of person vs society in Crash
Abby vs construction of mall
Define what internal conflict is
takes place inside the mind of a character. He or she may struggle with a decision, and emotion/feeling etc
Example of internal conflict in Crash
Crash feeling guilty about the way he treated Penn
Define figurative language
writing or speech that is not meant to be taken litterally
Define simile
uses like or as to make a comparison between unlike things
Define personification
Non human subject is given human qualities
Define metaphor
a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is used in place of another work or pharse to suggest a likeness or analogy between them ( without like or as)
Who is the author of Crash

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