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Give 5 opening formulas
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Once upon a time My riddle my riddle my randio Once upon a time was a very old time The monkey chew tobacco and he spit white lime It wasn't my time it wasn't your time it was ole ole time
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Give 5 opening formulas
Once upon a time My riddle my riddle my randio Once upon a time was a very old time The monkey chew tobacco and he spit white lime It wasn't my time it wasn't your time it was ole ole time
Give 3 closing formulas
E Bo ben my story done end Biddy Bo ben my story done end Jack Montara me no choose none
What is a comon feature of Carribbean folklore?
Songs in the middle of the story
Give 2 alternate names for Bookie
Uncle Bookie, Brergoat
Give 3 alternative names for Barabbi
Brerabbit Anancy Ti Malice
Name 4 of the creatures of Trinidad
La Diablesse, Soucouyant, Douen, Papa Bois, J
Name 4 of the creatures of Jamaica
Ole higue, Duppy, River Mumma, Rolling Calf, Jumbie
Name 3 of the creatures of Bahamas
Lusca, Chicharney, Gaulin
Name 4 of the creatures of Haiti
Lou Garou, Zombie, Ghedel, Baron Sanedi
Describe La Diablesse (7)
its a seductress, its the devil woman, dressed in white, wide brimmed hat, long skirt, one foot is human the other a hoof, waits for unsuspecting men at night to follow her they usually end up dying
Describe Soucouyant
a female, shape shifting creature, is a human at day at night sheds her skin and becomes a ball of fire, she sucks blood
How do you defeat Soucouyant
rub the inside of the skin she left behind with pepper or salt
What is the Ole Higue
A Jamaican version of the Soucoyant, targeting infants and babies instead of unsuspecting men
Describe the Loup Garou
it sucks the blood of an infant or the stomach of a pregnant mother, it can be either male or female
Describe the Douen
The spirits of children/babies who have died before they were Christened, They lure children into the forest, they call the child by their name, the children meet their demise, the feet of the douen are backwards
Describe Papa Bois
he is the keeper of the forest, protects those residing in the forest, he can take the form of any animal
Describe the Duppy
A restless ghost, the ghost of a dead person who has not been put completely to rest
Describe River Mumma
a malevolent mermaid, an africanized mermaid, has long black shiny hair, usually has a comb, is seen combing her hair regularly, anyone who looks her in the eye dies
Describe the Rolling Calf
takes the form of a young cow with chains around its neck, its a shapeshifter, lives in the forest, its especially dangerous if it takes the form of a cat
Describe the Lusca
An octopus like creature that is said to reside in the blue holes of Andros and sucks people in
Describe the Chicharney
An owl-like creature that is from Andros, has a tail, its head can spin 360 degrees, its eyes are red like fire, it is said to have derived from a now extinct species of owl
Describe the Gaulin
A female character, shapeshifter, turns into a bird, sheds skin, makes a shrilling sound, has a long beak
Describe the Zombie
A dead person brought back to life by a voodoo priest/priestess
has the power to resurrect the dead, with his left eye he monitors all the events of the world, with his right eye he watches his food, he is a glutton
Baron Sanedi
Drinks raw rum that is seeped in 21 hot spices, dresses formally with a tailcoat, gloves, tophat and cane
An evil spirit that plays tricks on the living

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