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contains applications, folder, and file icons, the taskbar, and the system tray
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contains applications, folder, and file icons, the taskbar, and the system tray
A picture or graphics symbol used to represent an application or folder
Start button
provides access to applications, accessories, documents, help options, and system tools
contains the start button, task buttons (open windows), and the system tray
System Tray
shows the time and the status of system components
Recycle Bin
storage area for deleted files and icons
Title Bar
contains the name of the application or folder. It also contains the standard Windows 98 control buttons. Drag the title bar to move a window by holding down the left mouse button as you drag the window
Menu Bar
provides pull down menus to activate commands
reduces a window so it no longer appears on the screen
expands a window to fill the screen
resizes a maximized window to is previous size
exits a window
CD Rom Drive
hardware the computer uses to read what is on the CD-ROM
Floppy Disk Drive
the device attached to your computer where you insert the floppy disk
Hard drive
contains hardware inside of it that processes data
output device for words, music, or sound
speakers that rest on your head and cover your ears so that only you hear the sound
the input device you use to type numbers, letters, and symbols into a computer
input device that inputs sound and converts it into data for the computer
prints the information on paper
a pointing device you use to input data
shows you information on a screen

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