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Bluford Jackson
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died of lockjaw
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Bluford Jackson
died of lockjaw
Hoyt Tweedy
bought a big, shiny red Cadillac
Miss Mattie Lou
left side of her mouth dropped "like a rosebud gone too long w/o water"
Will Tweedy
planned to be a farmer
Miss Effie Belle Tate
brought a coconut cake, but didn't leave it
Lightfoot McLendon
married Hosie Roach
Aunt Loma
supposedly nursed a pig
Uncle Camp
used an oilcloth in order not to make a mess
T.R. (Teddy Roosevelt)
Will's dog
carried TR off the train trestle
Grandpa Blakeslee
kept his corn whiskey at Will's house
Lightfoot McLendon
came from the Blue Ridge Mountains
Enoch Rucker Blakeslee
slept on the floor in New York
Clayton McAllister
carries a saddle into the house
Bluford Jackson
told Will about the floating trick
Miss Love Simpson
owns Mr. Beautiful
Mary Toy
Will's little sister
the cook
Mary Willis
tried for heresy when she married a Presbyterian
Hoyt Tweedy
kept books at the store since he was sixteen
Aunt Carrie
put mourning dye on Mary Toy's hair for the funeral

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