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separation of people by custom and law, result of a long period of group conflict, 1 group always has more power and influence than other
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separation of people by custom and law, result of a long period of group conflict, 1 group always has more power and influence than other
Jim Crow laws
segregation by customs, laws, and rules
Plessy v.s. Ferguson
Homer Plessy argued that Jim Crom laws violated the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, court ruling- rights NOT violated, said accomodations were "separate, but equal"
Brown v.s. Topeka Board of Education
1951: Oliver Brown and the NAACP sued the Topeka School Board b/c he thought his daughter Linda should be able to attend neighborhood all-white school
Earl Warren
chief justice for the Brown v.s. Board of Education case (1st decision), saw how unfair it was, and ruled in favor
Brown Decision
May 17, 1954: Court struck down "separate but equal", ruled in favor of plaintiffs, required desegregation of schools all across America
After Brown
desegregation moved to slowly, 1957: SC ordered public schools to "desegregate at once"
Thurgood Marshall
Born July 2, 1908 in Baltimore, MD, grandson of slaves, Harvard Law School grad in 1930, 1st African American SC judge, won 32/35 cases in SC, appointed chief counsel of the NAACP in 1940
Thurgood Marshall's goals
To destroy racial segregation and system of Jim Crow laws, so everyone has equal rights and opportunities so blacks and whites could rise and fall based on their own abilities
Thurgood Marshall's Accomplishments
Victor in the Brown v.s. Board of Education case, changed "separate, but equal" apartheid in American life (housing, transportation, voting laws, workplace), lifework literally defined the movement of race relations through the century
Thurgood Marshall's legacy
His work had a profound, lasting effect on racial relations
Thurgood Marshall, MLK, and Malcolm X
Rejected King's peaceful protests (said that no permanent change would be made in society), rejected Malcolm X's voilent revolution talks and separate black nation (thought they were racist craziness in a multi-racial society): MARSHALL TRIED TO REACH GOALS BY CHANGING LAWS
de facto
by law
to fawn, to kneel to show respect
foretelling bad things
to hinder
spectrum, full range
to show devoted respect
silly, shallow, childish
authoritative example, ahead of
in the middle, among
to be able to speak clearly
sneaky, tricky
detailed, perfectionist
taking the place of another person or thing; something felt or undergone as if one were taking part in the experience
battle, fight

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