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the process of learning how to partipate in a group
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the process of learning how to partipate in a group
knowing you have an identity separate from other people
looking-glass self
a perception of yourself based on others obsevations
significant others
the people whose judgments are most imparnt to our self-concept
role taking
assuming the viewpoint of another and using it to shape the self-concept
mimick behavior without understanding
play stage
acting in ways the self percieves how others would
game stage
Mead's third stage
generalized other
integrated conception of norms, values, and beliefs of one's community
the part of the self form through socialization
the part of the self that accounts for unleanred spontaneous acts
hidden curriculum
the informal and unofficial aspects of culture that children are taught in school
peer group
individuals similar in age and interest
mass media
a communication tool intended for the entire population
total institutions
places where individuals are separated from the general society
a process of destroying old culural norms, beliefs, and values
process of embedding new norms, attitudes, values, and behavors
anticipitory socialization
voluntary process where individuals accept new norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors

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