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Web Site
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a group of related Web pages that are linked together and share a common interface and design.
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Web Site
a group of related Web pages that are linked together and share a common interface and design.
eXtensible Hypertext Markup Language
HyperText Markup Language
a program used to view HTML documents
Files panel
The panel that enables you to manage your files and folders, whether they are part of a Dreamweaver site or on a remote server.
home page
The first page of a web site
site map
a graphical representation of how the pages within a Web site relate to each other, to view and edit the navigation structure of your Web site
navigation structure
the way viewers navigate from page to page in your Web site
document window
large white space in Dreamweaver where you create and edit pages
Dreamweaver workspace
designed to provide you with easy access to all the tools you need to create Web pages
menu bar
this bar contains the drop-down menu commands.
insert bar
The tool bar that contains buttons for inserting various types of "objects," such as images, tables, and layers, into a document.
document toolbar
contains buttons and drop-down menus you can use to change the current work mode, preview Web pages, debug Web pages, choose visual aids, and view file-management options
Style Rendering toolbar
contains buttons that can be used to render different media types, but is available only if your document uses media-dependent style sheets
Coding toolbar
contains buttons that are used when working directly in the code
Property inspector
lets you view and change the properties of a selected object
status bar
this appears at the bottom of the Document window
tag selector
shows the HTML tags used at the insertion point
a window that displays information on a particular topic or contains related commands
panel groups
sets of related panels that are grouped together
a particular way of displaying page content
design view
shows the page as it would appear in a browser an is primarily used for designing and creating a Web page
Code view
shows the underlying HTML code for the page: use this view to read or edit the underlying code
Code and design view
a combination of Code and Design view
another name for correcting errors because you can immediately see how code modifications change the appearance of the page
Multiple Document Interface
means that all document windows and panels are positioned within one large application window
home page
the first page of a Web site that contains general information as well as links to other related pages
words on the page
are image or text elements on a Web page that users click to display another location on the page, another Web page on the same Web site, or a Web page on a different Web site.
add visual interest to a Web page
images displayed across the top of the screen that can incorporate a company's logo, contact information, and links to the other pages in the site
navigation bars
bars that contain multiple links that are usually organized in rows or columns
image map
an image that has been divided into sections, each of which contains a link
flash button objects
Flash objects that can be created in Dreamweaver and can serve as links to other files or Web pages
a small sketch that represents every page in a Web site
parent page
often referred to as the home page, because it is a higher level in the Web hierarchy and has pages linked to it.
child pages
the pages linked below the parent page
root folder or local root folder
a folder that stores all the Web pages or HTML files for the site
files for a web site that aren't web pages, such as images and sound files
the action of making the root folder and any folders and files it contains appear in the Files panel
files panel
a panel you use to manage your Web site's files and folders
means that you transfer all the files for the site to a web server
web server
a computer that is connected to the Internet with an IP address, so that is is available for viewing on the Internet
the process of uploading and downloading files to and from a remote site
IP address
is an assigned series of numbers, separated by periods, that designates an address on the Internet
domain name
a web address that is expressed in letters instead of numbers and usually reflects the name of the business represented by the Web site.
local site
a local root folder to house all the files for your Web site
remote server
a web server that hosts Web sites and is not directly connected to the computer housing the local site.
remote site
once the site is published to a remote server
checked out
which pages are being used by other team members
XML site map
a listing of the Web site links that can be made available to search engines such as Google, MSN, or Yahoo

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